Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creatures - Amon Tobin

I don't think it's possible for me to like Freja Beha more. I've always thought of her as strikingly beautiful and unusual but recently she just keeps popping up. First this photo from of she and pal Irina wearing designs for the Earth Pledge fashion show (that sweater dress looks both stylish and warm).
But this sexually charged film, had me mesmorized. It is part 2 of 3 short films by Danish filmmaker Mads Norgaard, all about Copenhagen.
Mads Norgaard: Copenhagen experience # 2

When I visited Copenhagen, I was on my own. . . snapping photos of random buildings here and there and trying to blend in. Meanwhile, I was a little lost and a little lonely (I knew no one).

This film makes me want to revisit Copenhagen with my eyes smudged with kohl, wearing this RM dress whilst skulking the streets in search of that one hush-hush party, where people dance a little offbeat and make out in corners. Wouldn't you agree?

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Matthew Jackson said...

That song is the bomb! I love this video.
"Produced & mixed by Anders Trentemoller and co-produced by Djuna Barnes "
Got to find more of this!

Matthew Jackson said...

Try this:

etoilee8 said...

Thanks for the additional video Matt, it's very cool! I love that song too.