Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Bit - Lykke Li

Today has been the first day that it hasn't rained buckets in the DC area, since Saturday, I believe. Rain is wonderful. I actually love it. Perfect for movie dates, hand holding, listening to the Cinematic Orchestra, Alpha, Portishead, Stina Nordenstam, Chet Baker, The Flashbulb. . .the rain playlist goes on and on. But rain also makes me crave an artillery of umbrellas. So here's a few that I do admire:

What would this post be without a little Marimekko thrown in? I may have been disappointed by the H&M tribute, but that doesn't effect my overall love for them.

And this beaut, I almost bought several times in New York from the Moma store , especially on crummy, nasty days. (And there are plenty of those in Manhattan). But at the time, funds were a bit tight and I could not bring myself to part with $48.

This one from Wishingfish.com makes me think of sunny spring days.

The Ambient umbrella, is perhaps the most high tech umbrella of them all. The nifty handle is actually a device which detects incoming rain by turning blue and pulsing. One pulse every second means a good sixty percent chance of rain, a hundred pulses a minute means you better grab that umbrella and stuff it in your non-leather handbag. . . because your leather bag is going to get ruined and so will your hair. Grab a hoodie too while you're at it.

And the Swims Classic Automatic stands upright all on its own . . .

This song runs a very high risk of being played to death by me. (Many a song have suffered a similar fate). I've had it on repeat for two days now (especially with the torrential downpour). Mark my words, this young lady is going to blow up. (Special thanks to my favourite Swede for keeping me totally and utterly current on the bands that I can easily overlook because the album hasn't even dropped yet over here).


Chubbs said...

I once saw this vintage rose-covered umbrella at a shop in Cap Hill, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it because I was afraid it'd be to delicate to withstand the rain, and I'd be so distraught if I broke it, or left it behind on the metro.

In hindsight, I wish I'd bought it--just to have as a conversation piece.

etoilee8 said...

Chubbs if it's vintage, you always buy it, because you don't get any second chances and you can always sell it on ebay if you change your mind. But I know how you feel. . . $48 (the cost of my cloud umbrella) seems like so much to spend on an umbrella especially since I have a tendency to leave them behind and lose them! And the problem with cool umbrellas is people aren't kean on returning them.