Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moanin' - The Guy Barker International Quintet

Oh man. (Moan). The Marimekko for H&M collection was so disappointing to me. I don't understand where they thought they were going with the so-loud-it-hurts-my-ears-and-eyes prints. As a fan for life, I understand that their prints are generally loud and bright, but this is not at all what I was hoping for. The prints are bulky and weight you down. Even the lightest of dresses, like the flowy summer frock above made me look like a total heifer. How does one mess up a long hippie dress??? I didn't think it was possible!

And I must really REALLY love you guys to share this photo with you. Maybe there was too much oxygen in the store or my general frustration with finding nothing, but I grabbed this printed sunbathing suit and dashed out with it, to try it on in the comfort of my own home (the top and bottom were security tagged together in a way which made them impossible to put on. . . nice one H&M). I really liked the print and thought it was the nicest of all the available prints. The result?

In the words of my mother "you look like a pudgy baby wearing a romper". Thanks Ma. (Never one to mince her words).

A. I don't sunbathe (and neither should you. . . or do what you want, but don't say I didn't warn you).
B. I'm black! (The need simply isn't there).

In conclusion, Marimekko for H&M. . . thumbs down. It's going back tomorrow.

(Photos: H&M.com )


K.Line said...

You are one gorgeous, brave blogger. And your mom kicks ass :-) I actually think the suit is not bad (given that it's practically glow in the dark) and that you pull it off. Not that I'm suggesting you keep a bathing suit that doesn't completely work for you. One must feel super confident at the beach, non?

silver screen pipe dreams said...

I'm really really sorry, but this picture made me giggle.

silver screen pipe dreams said...

actually, upon further review I'm not giggling. you look much cuter in it than I EVER would. But, I would still say don't keep it. I'd had a beer after doing my taxes, and was about to fall asleep, hence the giggling.

Chubbs said...

yeah, i don't like this suit either...but you look great and fully beach-ready--just in a different suit. If you find a cute one, please post...I really need something for the summer, and I prefer something with boy shorts--sort of old-fashioned.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah you do look like a pudgy baby! Mommy is so funny sometimes! Her words are just so sharp!

ambika said...

Seriously, you look adorable in the swim suit. If I looked half as good, I'd be pasting the photos on telephone poles in addition to on my blog.

I'll take heart in your disappointment with the H&M collection. We *still* don't have one here in Seattle & it crushes me whenever I read about others finding such cute stuff there.

etoilee8 said...

I'm not sure if I made it clear that this suit's main purpose is to sunbathe in. It's not made of material that would do well in water (it would become soggy. . .as in soggy diaper. . . as in chubby baby). Therefore it is fairly useless to me and was returned to the store today. Thanks for all the positive feedback (even those who were laughing with me). K. line my mother is amazing (and a real piece of work), Meredyth, laugh all you want (I know it wasn't the beer talking). Chubbs, I personally never do boy shorts (because I look like a fat little boy, thighs, thighs, thighs), but if I find something cool, I'll post it just for you. Anonymous, is that you cornpuddin'? And Ambika, thanks for the kind words of encouragement. . . I can't believe there's not an H&M in Seattle either. That doesn't make ANY sense to me at all!

Anonymous said...

etoilee tis I, cornpuddin... but for some reason I can't get onto my account so I'm anonymous now :(