Saturday, April 26, 2008

So Com Voce - Thievery Corporation

So here I am feeling happy, caffeinated (looking a bit pudgy) and wearing THE DRESS. As you can see it is a teensy bit snug in the chest. . . but that's never stopped me! (This picture was a bit of a sneak attack from my sometimes photographer Matt). I was so happy on Friday, I had gotten out of work early and rushed home to find all my neighborhood munchkins playing outside in the sunshine. I threw off my clothes and threw on THE DRESS and came outside to enjoy the remaining sunlight. My neighbor R, who always takes it upon himself to throughly (but lovingly) critique my outfits wandered up to me and asked casually, "what the hell are you wearing?".

I figured I would save him the time and I replied, "my Mama Cass dress".
R's response? "Mama Cass? You got room for Mama, Papa and a couple babies in that thing". Touche R, touche.

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K.Line said...

E: I love this post. So evocative and funny. I can really relate to those Friday spring feelings. K