Monday, April 14, 2008

Someone To Watch Over Me - Chet Baker

Today, I cheered on my father who was being a superhero and finishing my taxes (someone to watch over me. . . someone to please do my taxes for me). I put on my best I-mean-business button down, my flouncy skirt and stayed the hell away from the dining room for fear of annoying him. I went on food runs and generally tried to be helpful. I won't lie, I have no idea where to begin with my taxes. That is one part of being an adult which I fail miserably at. I can hardly wait to get my rebate. I already know a couple ways to put it to good use.

I purchased my blue button down after copious amounts were used in the D&G S/S 2008 show. That show was one of my favourites and my Old Navy button down shirt has quickly become a classic and a favourite in my closet.


Cate said...

the pictures of you look so nice and fun! and doing your taxes is surely awful.

silver screen pipe dreams said...

You look so adorable and stylish, spinning around like that. Those two things are hard to combine, especially with the spinning. I have a blue button down in that shade of blue. I bought it at a thrift shop and meant to do the whole belted top thing with it, but it has become a causually sexy nightshirt. :) It's a great color.

vogued out!!! said...

fun outfit. the pictures remind me of Zoe Kravitz, maybe it's te sunnies idk.