Saturday, April 19, 2008

Springsville - Miles Davis and Quincy Jones

I feel so inspired right now! I have ideas galore and my mind is all a flutter. . . but my motivation is null and void! With the warm weather about, all I want to do is sit around on my porch, drink white wine, read and hang out with my friends until the wee hours. Such a slacker! But I have a full week of work starting Monday so slacker no more. . .I wish I had gotten something done with my time (in regards to making clothes), but I am not too regretful. I did stumble upon the lovely L'Ecole Des Femmes site. Their clothing is so precious, girly and kind of seasonless. (I would probably want to live in these dresses no matter how cold it is outside).

Does the model remind you of anyone?

And here's a couple pictures from their previous seasons. . . and I would still gladly purchase the clothing. . . especially that black coat with the brass buttons. Too cute.

(Photos: L'Ecole Des Femmes and )


Matthew Jackson said...

Torture! Something about that 60's French blond bombshell look drives me nuts!!!!!

etoilee8 said...

Nuts in a good way or nuts in a bad way?

Matthew Jackson said...

In a great way.

etoilee8 said...

Oh good. . . I was worried there might be something wrong with you.