Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blue Little - 1032 (I listen to this once a day, right now)

Today's outfit inspiration is brought to you by Aya T. Kanai and her various Nylon magazine spreads featuring denim and heather grey jersey.

I quickly learned that when Aya Kanai styles, you PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes with artsy fashion mags, the fashion spreads are amazing but somewhat unaccessible to the average reader. But Aya styles in a way that is fresh (never stale or over done), fun and accessible.

She is definitely one of my fashion heroes. . . and whenever I crossed paths with her, I was always careful to keep my mouth shut and not gush too much (although I always wanted to. . .she's really very nice).

My denim shirt came from Salvation Army ($3.99) and my shirt dress from the Rogan for Target collection. I am not one to blow smoke up your patootie with unnecessary fashion hype, but the Rogan for Target collection, really is just that good. It would be in your best interests to check it out, if you haven't already. Tonight a cool girl from my ballet class complimented my style, which made me beam with pride. I would have driven her to Target then and there if it wasn't closed. . . I'm not one to keep a good thing to myself. . .

(Photos: Worship Worthy and )


Sofia said...

Yes, Rogan for Target is the best thing Target has done in a looooong time. The pieces are well fitted, made out of nice and sustainable materials like cotton and linen, and they look so nice. Plus I just know the average suburban customer won't really take to it, so we will get to enjoy this collectionon on the sales racks to in a month or so.


Secretista said...

You always interpret outfits the best!