Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Disease - Aim

So, it's official. . . I've gone a bit mad. There has to be some sort of clinical term for this shoe craze I've experienced. That is why Jackson B wouldn't allow me another pair of shoes. He simply thought I was at my quota. Meanwhile, I knew I was at my quota. But that didn't stop me from continuing my dirty habit. I present to you, my seven heavenly sins. . .


Everything about Maloles Miracosta-Antignac's Paris apartment is enviable. . . I like the way she mixes mid century furniture with crystal chandeliers. If you haven't glanced at this month's Domino, you really should. When I saw these Sam Edelman shoes at Nordstrom Rack, I bought them just because they reminded me of the Maloles I have yet to afford. . . and a bit of old school glamour, which you don't see much of any more. But Peas and my Mum both thought other things. Both of them said at seperate moments "what's on your shoes?"


These light blue keds are so perfect for a bookstore browse with Peas. . . and they came from Salvation Army, so that really doesn't count, does it. . .


And while we're at Salvation Army. . . let's just buy another pair of shoes. . . I mean it really doesn't count because it's so cheap. . .


My sister bought these from Nordstrom rack and I loved them. Dolce Vita is one of my favourite shoe brands.
So last time I went back, I bought them (even though they were a bit big). . . and skipped happily out of the store. Oddly enough, if I were a real gladiator, they would be no happy skipping involved in my day to day wearing of these sandals. . .


And while I knew I was already at the sandal quota. . . when I saw this $12.99 pair at Target , I bought them simply because they were a great price and because Target adequately mimicked many of this season's big trends without making a cheap looking shoe. And I say "well done", to that.


Chie Mihara's shoes have been taunting and teasing me for so long. I've had a very hard time finding a size 41. . . and I've had n even tougher time swallowing the price. . . but with a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card, burning a hole in my pocket and nothing worthy to spend it on, I was determined I would not be beat. With the recent Sak's sale . . . and my gift card, these beauty's only cost me about $70. . .which isn't bad in my book.


So I've been wondering if I could ever pull off shoes this sexy for awhile. . . but today at Nine West , I took the plunge. They were having their friends and family sale (I tried posting the coupon on here for you all to reap the benefits, but it didn't work). Coupon holders received 20% off of regular priced merchandise and 15% off of sale's merchandise. I love the fact that I can always find my size in all the slightly offbeat shoes, at my local Nine West. Anywho. . . Lulu wears them very well and I'm hoping to follow in her foot steps. When I presented them to my family. . . my mother, shook her head and smiled.

Me- Are they slutty looking?
Dad - Oh definitely. That's for sure.

Me- Grammy what do you think?
Grammy - The things they make today for you kids. . .

Me- And Uncle Dave, you might as well get your two cents in. What do you think?
Uncle Dave - Are you going to New York?
Me- Why yes, actually this week!
Uncle Dave - Are you planning on walking the streets?
Me - Um sure, why not?


cornpuddin said...

Oh wow Beautiful shoes!

Rollergirl said...

I love the Chie Mihara shoes. And the ahem, 'slutty' ones look great on you.

vogued out!!! said...

yay for envy, wrath and greed.
Great buy from saks.

laia. said...

Oh this is such a great post!
I love those chie mihara shoes, they are such a great brand.