Friday, May 30, 2008

Great DJ (Calvin Harris remix) - The Ting Tings

Around 3pm yesteray, I was enjoying my afternoon earl grey when my phone started ringing off the hook. Sometimes I just don't pick up. Nothing personal. . . it just means I'm taking a moment to savor my life and ignore my phone. But when the annoying little bugger on the other line, proceeded to call repeatedly, I muttered a couple unpleasant words and begrudgingly made my way to the kitchen. After I finished my swearing tirade, I cleared my voice and smiled. It was Kelly dearest ! Kelly Dearest is my favourite office DJ. We went to Daft Punk together last summer and snuck away from the office for lots of overpriced iced coffees. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from her since the last time I spoke to her (on i-Chat half an hour ago), she mentioned she was going to a sample sale today (the busy life of us freelancers).
Well, that was just the problem. She was at the sample sale and had stumbled upon a glorious (but still somewhat pricey) Vena Cava dress, pictured above. She hadn't bought what she came for (Cheap Monday jeans) and did a completely 360 into a completely different item selection and price bracket. She knew what she wanted to do. . . but she just needed that little devil on her shoulder to show her the way to the cash register. (This is where I come in).

But before she could skip happily out the door, shopping bag in hand, I accosted her with the three questions which I reserve for myself during a sample sale. So here are my three rules, to determine whether or not I actually need it. . . or if I'm just blinded it by the light.

1. If I saw it in a boutique, would I immediately run towards it lovingly?
2. Are you sure, it isn't a case of everything being so awful, that I just picked the most wearable item and decided that I needed it?
3. Is there enough oxygen in this room? If not, I step outside and take a deep breath. . . it works, I swear.

In conclusion, she got the dress, which I'm sure will look smashing on her. But perhaps if Kelly and I had asked ourselves these questions two weeks ago, we would have both marched out of the A.P.C. sample sale empty handed. . .instead of laughing about the purchases we made, today over i-Chat. Ebay, here I come!

(Photo: Revolve )

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