Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kids - MGMT

This blazer was purchased from Salvation Army for $5 but in the blazer's first life (living with me is the second), it was the blazer your mother once wore to the PTA meeting in 1992. She nearly got out the door before you stopped her and begged her not to wear it. You cautiously explained to her that the year was 1992 and the blazer was purchased in 1981. All the other mother's would be wearing denim button downs and chinos from the Gap. Wouldn't she feel left out? Why couldn't she just blend in? Your mother decided then and there to wear the blazer, just to spite you. As she marched towards your school with her head high, chest puffed out with pride, she thought long and hard about the child she had raised. Who did you think you were? She and that blazer went to many fun parties together, back in the day when she used to go to parties instead of PTA meetings. That was the night you learned to keep your big mouth shut about your mother's wardrobe. Any way. . . that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My older sister always has pretty much the same response to any funky, thrift store item I purchase. She watches me model the item, looks me up and down and declares:
"I don't like it".
I think from now on, I'll just turn to her in a lispy British accent and say:
"Now Andy what do you think?"

Meanwhile, my Mum, on the other hand. . . did like it. Surprise, surprise. . . eh?

(Photo: Lou and , an entire site dedicated to the Little Britain duo)

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