Saturday, May 3, 2008

Love - Mos Def

I present to you, my (other) sister, my right hand (cornpuddin', you are my left), my best friend. The person who makes me laugh on a regular basis until I weep. Our style is so different . . .she's a bit more conservative and she tends to pick brands and stay with them (mostly BCBG, Banana Republic and J.Crew). Every now and then I push her out on a limb and she ends up liking what I've suggested. But whatever she wears. . . she wears it well. And she's so beautiful. Her smile is radiant. And her sarcastic look. . . charming. Once, a pompous acquaintance declared, "you know, you're really very pretty. . . I bet you don't hear that a lot". Face still burning, from the sting of an awful backhand compliment, she thought,
"You know, you're really an a**hole. I bet you don't hear that a lot".
See? You love her too now.
In a perfect world, sis would sport Missoni and Fendi, like it was her job.

And one day, in a more perfect world, we will shop for these items together and money will be no object. Happy early birthday, ma belle. . .

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Chubbs said...

how lovely...your sister, I mean, but also, the bond you share. And I agree, what kind of asshole gives a compliment out of left-field like that??!

Puebla Chic said...

are the firts two, missoni?

etoilee8 said...

Chubbs, it was such a ridiculous comment. . . but you have to understand, this women is pretty ridiculous. And Puebla Chic, hello! I should have listed the first two as Missoni. Aren't they beautiful?

Puebla Chic said...

i knew they were missoni, go to my blog the next few days and ill show u what i want to get from missoni.