Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Shoes - Paolo Nutini

"I thought hello new shoes, bye bye blues".
As I nervously teetered down the stairs in my bright orange Nine West shoes, I could only think what my family would say. You see, I am at an age, where my indulgences are tolerated but fiscal responsibility is praised. My shoe buying habit has gotten to the point, where I find myself stuffing my new shoes in my over sized tote before I walk in the door. Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please understand, this spring is an exception in my life. Most of my life, I've visited London, once (sometimes twice) a year. . . and I would skimp and save, the months leading up to my visit to buy my yearly shoe supply from Office and Topshop . Unfortunately. . . I haven't been to London in THREE years. . .and while I miss it. . . I know with the current state of our economy and the value of the dollar. . .I wouldn't get very far. So being that there is no plane ticket and no ridiculous exchange rate. . . I caught up for lost time this spring. And these darling will carry me nicely into the autumn, says Harper's Bazaar .

Well my mother sighed and muttered, "another pair of shoes". . . but she later admitted that she found them quite pretty. And when I showed her my issue of Harper's Bazaar. . . she smiled and said "well, you're always on top of the latest styles". Which made me grin from ear to ear because my mother doesn't give a hill of beans about fashion! My older sister bought Paolo Nutini's "New Shoes" from i-Tunes, in honor of me. . . and James found this amazing video for me. All of this in the span of three minutes. I love my family.

As a girl with size 10 feet. . . I completely identify with the $300 shoes scene. As a matter of fact, I laughed aloud, every time it gets to that scene. And Jackson B. next time you tell me "I think you have too many shoes". . . you know what's coming next. But for the record. . . these shoes rule. They boost you up nice and high but give you a not-so-obvious platform to stand on. . .so even the clumsiest wearer (ahem. . .me) can walk a good distance in them. I wore them tonight . . . as I was running out the door to meet Peas for sushi. . . "I'm running late, I don't need an excuse because I'm wearing my brand new shoes".

So what are you waiting for? "Let's get some shoes".


ambika said...

Ha! He opened for Margaret Cho. I was ashamed that I'd never heard of him as the audience was obviously familiar with his act. Too, too funny.

etoilee8 said...

I was hoping you'd notice that Ambika. I saw a small video about him opening for Margaret Cho and I remembered your blog post about how you recently went to see her. He's pretty funny.