Sunday, May 4, 2008

Toujours la - Yann Tiersen

If you haven't had the chance to check out , you simply must. It will quickly become the silver lining to your dreary net surfing days. Lately she's been posting photos of all the cool girls rocking baggy tailored cuffed trousers. I also spotted a pair recently at H&M which made me swoon (but not the $49, price tag). Needless-to-say. . . I went out and got a pair of my own (from Salvation Army).

On Saturday, a group of us helped The Thinker move into her new digs, thirty minutes away from where the rest of us reside. I drove home with Jackson B. and pleaded, begged and whined for him to stop at the massive Salvation Army, right down the street from Thinker's new abode. I can tell I'm going to spend a lot of time there everytime I drop by to see my dear friend. . . the place is an absolute treasure trove of goodies. I had been looking for a pair of trousers this perfect for awhile. All they needed was a trim and a new cuff. Belissimo! I also found a pair of shoes, which Jackson wouldn't let me buy. Fine, fine, fine. . . (actually there's a reason for that, as you'll see later in this week).

(Photos: Garance Dore )

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vogued out!!! said...

supe cute look here. Those pants look great on you, I wish I could rock that the way how was the saks sale?