Friday, May 30, 2008

White Light - Gorillaz

I knew when I bought this 100% organic cotton tunic dress, that it bordered on the fine line of decency and be-careful-how-you-bend-over. I once wore it with leggings. . . but now I'm not sporting leggings too much these days, so give or take a thirty, forty washes and this dress is no longer suitable as a dress. I am simply not an Olsen twin (they can pull it off) nor do I have the overt confidence to ignore icy glares from other females.

So, I decided since the dress is 100% organic, I should continue the green movement. This winter I put black trim on the hem, to make the dress longer. . .but that was extremely heavy and I still wasn't wearing the dress to maximum capacity. . . so I was decided it was time for the dress to become a jacket.

I told Kelly when she returned from her sample sale yesterday, the dress I was wearing would be a jacket. And I am a lady who is good on her word. Indeed I did finish the jacket by the evening. And here's how:

1. Give the dress a good wear to say goodbye. Cut seven inches off the hem (including the pockets). Stop that crying, you're not hurting the dress. . . you're giving it a second chance at life.

2. Put your new top on and find the center of the front. Cut down middle.

3. Hem the bottom and your new jacket closure.

4. Use excess fabric to make whatever fancy, frilly collar you so desire. Let your imagination run free. Add snaps for closure (I'm doing that later), or leave as is.

5. Run outside in the sunshine and enjoy your beautiful new jacket.


6. Maybe experiment with dying the fabric? Since it's 100% organic cotton, it would take nicely to fabric dye. . . to be continued. . . ?

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K.Line said...

I LOVE your creativity. This is a fantastic way to continue to love a great garment in a whole new way. (On a side note: You would so be one of those moms who makes the kids clothes and dresses them up fabulously at Halloween. I wish I could sew...)

ambika said...

Nicely done. And it looks like the perfect summer jacket.

etoilee8 said...

Your lovely comments really make my day, dears. xoxo.