Monday, June 30, 2008

Drifting Along - Jamiroquai

What is your idea of the perfect weekend? Mine changes with time. . .but for now, it includes, re-working a sewing project to perfection. In retrospect, option one was pretty awful. Admitting failure has never been my strong suit. I stayed in the amazing dress as much as possible.

And an English man on your arm. . . don't worry Cornpuddin', he still likes you best.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Got To Let Go - The Bees

I never use the flash because I think it's horrible. But today it made all the colours of my outfit astoundingly bright. My outfit is pretty conventional(and definitely cheap, under $100 all together), but it's perfect for brunch with my favourite Pops and reading Harper's Bazaar in the evening sun.

Cardigan and shoes- Old Navy
Dress - H&M

PS- The Bees is one of my favourite bands. If you haven't checked them out, please do. "Got To Let Go", was my official summer song of last summer in Brooklyn. But I like it so much, I'm playing it a lot this summer too.

Our Way To Fall - Yo La Tengo

You're looking at my future retirement home once I finish with my "lucrative" television career.

Recently someone on Facebook randomly found my profile and would not let up until I dished out brutally honest career advice. And when I saw this sad plea for career advice on Gawker , I couldn't help but to think of my own occupational path and the choices I've made to get there. First of all, silly kid, don't ask Gawker for advice. Those commenters sole existence is to eat you alive (while making me laugh so hard I snort tea through my nose). But as far as television goes. . . it's a tough nut to crack. And so this is my advice to anyone looking to make it in the world of production. This is honest and heart felt, with absolutely no snark. And I have a feeling it translates to most creative occupations.

1. Be prepared to work really hard. We're talking 14 hour days with no over time.

2. Be prepared to sometimes not get paid. Every now and then, that paycheck just doesn't come. (Certain companies are notorious).

3. Be prepared to work on your off hours. For example, yesterday at 9:00am my phone started ringing off the hook for a producing job I have next week. Nothing says "good morning, sunshine", like a conference call with total strangers, who are already caffeinated, jittery and talking over each other. This was not even a billable day.

4. If you do not have a tough skin, this is not the business for you. Plain and simple. I have been called every name under the sun. I hate it, but it's totally desensitized me. Now, I don't care what you call me. Just do your job so we can all go home.

5. Yes, nepotism exists. My Dad works in television as well, we work together about twice a year but if I botch things up, he really can't save my tail. So, if your father/mother/friend isn't at the top of the food chain and you slack off, people will talk. You will not only make yourself look bad but you will drag down the person who brought you on board. And they probably won't hire you again.

Meanwhile, if your father/mother/friend happens to be at the top of the food chain (meaning: executive, owner, director, etc.) and you slack off, your coworkers will hate you, shit talk you behind your back and never invite you to social gatherings. This is true. Being connected helps`, but if you're not working as hard or harder than the rest, you'll get weeded out fast or have a bunch of enemies. . . neither of which is fun.

6. Be nice to everyone you meet. Or at least try.

7. Don't ever think you're above coffee fetching. You. Are. Not. Until you're an executive producer, you're still a glorified coffee fetcher to somebody. . .

8. Write "thank you" cards. It works. Sending presents works too. Someone I know, definitely remembers those who send a nice bottle of champagne around Christmas time. Guess who's at the top of the list to be called for next year's shows?

9. Work can be slow. For myself, as a freelancer, work is generally feast or famine. Meaning I work a lot and then sometimes not at all. It can be depressing. But it will pick back up again. I suggest getting some hobbies, maybe even a part time job and keeping an eye on your spending.

10. TV is a volatile environment. At some point, you'll probably get fired. Or "not called again". Deal with it gracefully. There's other jobs out there and do you really want to work under an asshat?

Friday, June 27, 2008

In The Annexe - Boards of Canada

Some people talk sports, when in bars. We talk fashion. So last night when an acquaintance asked where Peas and I got our tops. . . we smiled knowingly. As usual, we were decked out in Target (Rogan, to be correct). The other day in the elevator a kind hearted soul complimented our outfits and pointed to a pricier store, indicating that we looked like we walked out of that store decked in the clothing. Once again, Target . So of course, when someone asked last night, who the next Target Go designer was. . . I smiled grandly as I exclaimed, "Richard Chai!!!" And thanks to Faran . . . we've got the scans!

Sicilienne Op. 78 - Faure

It's okay.
You can laugh. I know what you're thinking. And before you say it, let me just say:

"Yeah, I know".

Obsessive compulsive? Right now, I am living with all my earthly possessions in 10 x 14 feet of space. It's a little cramped. So baby steps, friends. . .baby steps. Starting with the most important thing. The closet.

With this set up, I create new colour combos with tired pieces that I hardly ever wear. Purple and yellow? Why not? Red and brown? Sure, okay. Stripes on stripes? Well you already know how I feel about that. A colour coordinated wardrobe is not only inspiring but it also helps me find what I'm looking for in a timely manner, with minimal cursing. Which means I might, actually make it out the door on time, to meet you. Isn't that a marvelous thought? Plus it reminds me of this beautiful rainbow at the MET .

As I was tend to my little organization project. . . my phone rings with the familiar tone of an incoming text message. "Turn on 90.9". I did. Gabriel Faure! My hips sway instinctively to the music but I continue with my little OCD project. My mind isn't focusing properly anymore on the task at hand. How did you know? Because I told you. . . and you listen, occasionally. And like that, there we were. Back in the same spot which put us in hot water three years ago.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Familiar - Bullion

After Susie Bubble wrote about fun adventures on the tube with clothing stares , I decided I would wear Vivienne Westwood today in her honor. I'm proud of DC suburbia, as it's come a long way. Five years ago, I got glares and snickers for some of my outfit choices. Now I get the odd stink eye, but sometimes people catch themselves and say, "oh how unusual, where do you shop?". I love when someone with completely different style than my own, inquires about my outfit.

Meanwhile, matching my shoes to my bag is one of those ancient fashion rules that my mother often spoke of and I have usually succeeded in breaking whenever possible. But today's match was purely coincidental and I had to photograph the evidence.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simply So - GB

I love Joline Jolink's simple design aesthetic. But as we found in my last DIY project, making it look simple is often the most challenging part. She rocks the one colour all over theme without it looking redundant or tired.

(photos: Joline Jink )

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweetest Decline - Beth Orton

"Stripes on stripes?"
As the words rolled off her lips, I realized, I was disheartened by the fact that they came out more puzzled and confused, than anything else.

"Uh huh. I like it", I replied, picking up my handbag and walking towards the door.
She then shook her head, rolled her eyes and went back to reading her paper.

And wait for it. . . wait for it. . . and there's that judgemental frown which I've come to love so much! Mission accomplished. Mum is throughly disappointed.

But I love this look. I've been lacking in the outfit inspiration department. It's amazing what a quick jaunt to Target can do. This skirt's a bit preppy looking and had I not been looking for something of this nature, I probably would have overlooked it. . .Herve Leger, it is not. But styled properly and you'll live in this skirt (as have I). And have I mentioned it looks smashing with a blazer a well?

(Photos: and . . .apologies for the blurry outfit photo. My photographer had just drank his after dinner espresso. Next time I'll get the photo in before the coffee goes down the hatch)

Good Life - Kanye West

"And Matthew when we go to Ascot, I want a hat that looks like ___ ".

Many conversations with Matty D. began and ended with that phrase. It was agreed that if I stayed in London, my dear friend Matthew would some day take me to Ladies Day At Royal Ascot and help me make a ridiculous hat. I marvel at Royal Ascot in the same way that Brits marvel at Americana (as so eloquently illustrated in the Estelle song "American Boy"). That is, with wide eyed, innocent enthusiasm. Hats, alcohol and horse poo. . . who says those three don't go well together?

And I solemnly pledged to make the most over-the-top Chiquita Banana hat possible (we're talking tiers of fruit upon fruit). Unfortunately I recently realized my snark would be if anything passe. . . some of these ladies would blow my Chiquita Banana hat clear out of the water. In short, you really can't overdo it at Ascot.

Everything but the kitchen sink. . . does a bathroom sink count?

She had her cake and ate it too. . .

. . .she was never a fan of doorways. . .

. . . and this hat. . . scares the bejabbers out of me.

Now who says the British are uptight? (Well actually . . . )

(Photos: The Guardian )

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) - Chris Isaak

Apparently, in the summer time, the living is easy but tonight my legs ache from ballet and I feel blue. I'm not even sure why. The proverbial tin man. . . creaky joints and lacking heart. And my Chris Isaak listening, pity party of one probably isn't helping. . .but. . .

If moping were an Olympic sport, I would mope for America. It's just something I do from time to time and you can't do a thing, to stop me. It has to pass on it's own.

jacket - thrift
dress - one of those cheapy stores in New York (Rainbow, I think)
shoes - Office
bag - Anna Corinna

Happiness - Goldfrapp

Happy Belated Midsummer! Thank you Pushkin for hosting such a lovely day. (I'm officially retiring my grin and going back to scowling).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lectropic - Andy Caldwell

I'm going to go ahead and jump on the blogger bandwagon for Pixie Market . I use to pass this store often on the lower East Side and it was always after 8pm, on my way to dinner or drinks. I scanned their windows and always made a mental note to return during daylight. Now I'm regretful that I never went during business hours, it's clearly a treasure trove of cool brands. And they carry Public Beware which is one of my favorite East London brands. . . joy. . .

(Photos: Pixie Market )

Rise In The Springtime - Lavender Diamond

What is your definition of home? Mine is the Blue Ridge mountains always off in the distance. In the last three years I've appreciated home more than ever and all the things home has to offer. Such as picking and eating strawberries and driving with the windows down and the wind in your hair. . .
(Forgive the ridiculous facial expression, I'm just tired of all my usual grumpy looking pouts. Normal picture taking will resume tomorrow.)

Speaking of strawberries. . . have you seen what they've done to Strawberry Shortcake? What was wrong with the old Miss Shortcake? Why does everything have to be a little bit sexier for younger generations? Those Bratz dolls are bad enough, but now this ? There was something quite sweet and charming about old Shortcake. . . this new girl looks too much like an oversexed pop star.

(photo:, the best waste of time ever )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Divide - The Cardigans

My inspiration banner is finished! It's for you darlings. All of you. Adulthood (sigh). Dessert any time you feel. Long drives of solitude. Going where you want, when you feel like it. It's all fine and dandy until it comes time to make big decisions and you realize you, yourself are on your own. It's both freeing and scary. And not being sure what to do about certain situations can be the worse agony ever. Being between a rock and a hard place is exactly how it sounds. Not sure about moving to another city? Not sure whether you should talk to him/her? Not sure about that job? This feeling of anxiety will pass one day . . . and you'll look back and realize the choices were easy to make, just difficult to narrow down. But until then, remember my favourite motto and know that you'll get through it. xo.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Young Neil - Blonde Redhead

I love getting older. Okay, that's a lie. . .I tolerate aging. But certain things which come with age are simply irreplaceable. I now savor and truly appreciate the weather. The sun, the rain, the cold, there's good in it all. These days, I love a chilly day in the middle of the summer. Such a refreshing break from the heat. Maybe it was living in London and not the aging. I loved today. And I loved pulling out this old H&M dress from last summer. I got this in a bargain bin and wore it until I could hardly stand the sight of it. Contemplated putting it in a Goodwill bag and now, we're old friends again. My Daryl K. cardigan I could never get sick of, my bag is Topshop from five years ago (age hasn't been good to this bag). But the shoes. . . they're last summer, Nine West and they make me just tall enough to keep up with my younger sister (Cornpuddin').

Crescendolls - Daft Punk

How do you find two Swedes in a packed music venue?

Look for an inexpensive Target dress,
and find the girls who wear it best!

Monkey and Bear - Joanna Newsom

This Barney's ad made me chuckle aloud. I have yet to see someone slip on a banana peel in real life, but I'm sure in some far off distant land, it's happened before and it is hilarious. Peas always has a banana in her pocket, she has to have something to nibble on otherwise she gets faint and really hella cranky. The other day I got into her car and there was banana peel sitting on the floor waiting for me. "Did you leave that so I would slip on it?" I asked her with a smile.

Monday, June 16, 2008

African Mailman - Nina Simone

Yesterday was great. . . I:

1. Made my Dad breakfast.
2. Went to ballet. . .
3. Ate a candlelight dinner outside surrounded by people that I love.
4. Went out with Peas to see Pushkin ! (Pushkin's hubby played a great show).
5. Started reading Miranda July's "No one belongs here more than you".

I adore this book. I enjoy the minute details I learn. . . such as the fact that you can call up the telephone operator and talk to them and they have to listen or the fact that the post man can chat with you for up to four minutes. My post man never sticks around to chat. Sometimes I'm afraid that he's afraid to break formalities. Maybe (gasp!) he might enjoy talking to me. . . stranger things have happened. Read this book. You will love it. And check out Learning to Love You More . A site by Miranda July. I'm going to participate in this but the deadline's quickly approaching and I have to choose between "this too shall pass", "one day it will make sense" and "you'll get what you deserve". Your opinion on this matter would be deeply appreciated.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let It Go - Pimprekker

Every time I see this little tree , I think how much I need it (like I need more stuff). Always alive and doing fine, this cardboard bit of loveliness is the perfect alternative for the twenty something who likes beautiful things but doesn't have a whole lot of time to tend to them. I am forever abandoning plants to the mercy of my Mum.

(Photo: )