Monday, June 16, 2008

African Mailman - Nina Simone

Yesterday was great. . . I:

1. Made my Dad breakfast.
2. Went to ballet. . .
3. Ate a candlelight dinner outside surrounded by people that I love.
4. Went out with Peas to see Pushkin ! (Pushkin's hubby played a great show).
5. Started reading Miranda July's "No one belongs here more than you".

I adore this book. I enjoy the minute details I learn. . . such as the fact that you can call up the telephone operator and talk to them and they have to listen or the fact that the post man can chat with you for up to four minutes. My post man never sticks around to chat. Sometimes I'm afraid that he's afraid to break formalities. Maybe (gasp!) he might enjoy talking to me. . . stranger things have happened. Read this book. You will love it. And check out Learning to Love You More . A site by Miranda July. I'm going to participate in this but the deadline's quickly approaching and I have to choose between "this too shall pass", "one day it will make sense" and "you'll get what you deserve". Your opinion on this matter would be deeply appreciated.


kelly said...

I loved that miranda july book...I hope she'll continue writing so i can continue reading.

Have you read any Truman Capote? I read a short story collection of his work and was blown away.

Chubbs said...

Okay...first...that yellow book is a lovely contrast against your brown skin and white skirt and blouse. Second, you've inspired me to read that book...I just finished Junot Diaz's "Drown" (though I wanted it to go on and on for at least 20 more pages), and I need a good read. So thanks for that.

meredyth said...

I vote for "this too shall pass" I say it to myself and friends quite often.

fashionintelligentsia said...

I love that book & your style!