Thursday, June 12, 2008

Almost Sweet - Yonderboi

I did a little photo project of my morning prepping before the wedding. . . because sometimes I enjoy being a girl. I enjoy listening to the Sundays as I get dressed and wondering if that's what Jenny was listening to. When we were friends in high school I don't think either of us knew that the other one was such a fan of the band. Strange.

I enjoy my Weet-a-bix and my Hugh Grant mug shot mug and pondering about whether or not I should watch Four Weddings And A Funeral when I return home that evening. (I was actually too drunk to stay awake and fell asleep almost immediately).

I don't really enjoy removing toe nail polish, but oh well, you can't like everything, can you?

And I strangely enjoy taking my time, figuring out which under garments are best under my dress. . .

(Photo: Sundays, Siren of Song )

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