Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fly in the Pool - Boards of Canada

Everyone's talking about Pret A Portobello and I too was curious. Honestly, the idea is somewhat thrilling because I miss London. . . but upsets me that it's so easy to obtain such treasures and more importantly, I feel like it takes the fun out of shopping abroad and scoping out a really amazing find . . . all the things I enjoy doing so much. One could argue that my attitude is presumptious because not everyone can afford to travel abroad. . . but I'm sorry if you can spill $100 on dresses and cardis you can also save that each month and put it towards one round trip ticket to London. You'd thank yourself later. You can't package the feeling of shopping at a great market through a website. I just think sometimes it's good to work a little towards something. . . not everything should be so accessible and automatically dropped in your lap. But that being said. . . their wares are amazing. Such beautiful items!

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