Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Familiar - Bullion

After Susie Bubble wrote about fun adventures on the tube with clothing stares , I decided I would wear Vivienne Westwood today in her honor. I'm proud of DC suburbia, as it's come a long way. Five years ago, I got glares and snickers for some of my outfit choices. Now I get the odd stink eye, but sometimes people catch themselves and say, "oh how unusual, where do you shop?". I love when someone with completely different style than my own, inquires about my outfit.

Meanwhile, matching my shoes to my bag is one of those ancient fashion rules that my mother often spoke of and I have usually succeeded in breaking whenever possible. But today's match was purely coincidental and I had to photograph the evidence.


Chubbs said...

Yes, there has been a rather pleasant influx of "hipsters" and fashion-types to the DC area...which has paved the way for self-expressers such as yourself.

And, can we talk about those aviators. Aren't they just the perfect eyewear for every outfit??

K.Line said...

Love this outfit. Super cool in all ways. K

etoilee8 said...

Chubbs, I heart my aviators so much, they're the best buy ever and K. line, thank you!