Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Life - Kanye West

"And Matthew when we go to Ascot, I want a hat that looks like ___ ".

Many conversations with Matty D. began and ended with that phrase. It was agreed that if I stayed in London, my dear friend Matthew would some day take me to Ladies Day At Royal Ascot and help me make a ridiculous hat. I marvel at Royal Ascot in the same way that Brits marvel at Americana (as so eloquently illustrated in the Estelle song "American Boy"). That is, with wide eyed, innocent enthusiasm. Hats, alcohol and horse poo. . . who says those three don't go well together?

And I solemnly pledged to make the most over-the-top Chiquita Banana hat possible (we're talking tiers of fruit upon fruit). Unfortunately I recently realized my snark would be if anything passe. . . some of these ladies would blow my Chiquita Banana hat clear out of the water. In short, you really can't overdo it at Ascot.

Everything but the kitchen sink. . . does a bathroom sink count?

She had her cake and ate it too. . .

. . .she was never a fan of doorways. . .

. . . and this hat. . . scares the bejabbers out of me.

Now who says the British are uptight? (Well actually . . . )

(Photos: The Guardian )

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