Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot One! - The Bees

In case you didn't know. . . the east coast is experiencing a crazy heat wave. But I'm cool as a cucumber (yes, I have my plug in fan going strong), but the real key to staying cool is the Bliss Minty Bar
I know what you're thinking. "Have you lost your mind? $18 for a bar of soap?!?". No and yes. $18, seems a bit extreme, but it is a generously sized bar of soap and most important, when you get a lather going and suddenly your skin feels tingling, minty and wonderfully fresh. . . you'll know it's worth it. The tingling stays with me even after I leave the shower. When air hits my skin, it feels cool no matter what the temperature may be. It's a total experience.

WARNING: Drop this on your toe and you'll regret it and avoid lathering up where the sun don't shine. Peppermint freshness just doesn't belong in some places. . .

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