Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shape of My Heart - Sting

Today, I went on a small road trip to Philadelphia with my father and my Grammy in the backseat. Besides the odd stop at Family Dollar Stores (Grammy loves a bargain just like Mum), our destination was the beautiful Bellevue Hyatt for a luncheon hosted by The Dragonfly Heart Camp .

(Dad, Sammy and Sarah, the brunettes and their friend Darby, the blond)
Two years ago my godsister Sarah was diagnosed with a heart conditioned which required her to have a heart transplant. While visiting Sarah at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia), I loved going for strolls with Sarah around her floor, where we would visit friends and stop by the play room. I would watch in absolute amazement as she pushed a computer which ran her artificial Berlin heart, (her Berlin heart beating away in a pouch, which she wore on her side), with a nurse walking behind her with her IVs.

Dragonfly Heart Camp is a sleep away camp created by my godmother Rhonda (Sarah's mother) specifically for children with heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. There are doctors on staff 24/7 and an ambulance waiting in case of an emergency. . . but all in all, it's a regular camp. For a brief moment, these kids can get out of the hospital and enjoying life and having the summer camp experience every kid should be so lucky to have. Pretty cool concept, huh? For more information. . . click the link. . .

Philly was sunny and gorgeous today. . . but seeing Sam and Sarah (and meeting their friend Darby), was the true highlight. These girls make me feel like a super hero. They think my Urban Outfitters hand-me-downs are awesome and they love me even when I show up empty handed (although they always ask where the loot is). They remind me how important it is to be a good role model and lead by example, because they watch. And they also constantly remind me to smile in photos. . . even if you don't like your cheesy smile. . . because. . . life's simply too short to frown all the time.


This morning at 6:30am, when I was trying to get out of the house, as usual I had to change at least once. I thought the event was outside under a tent instead of inside a swanky hotel. I knew my Dad would complain so I didn't tell him what I was doing, I just dashed back up the stairs. When we were finally en route, I turned to him and said,

"You know, I had to change my dress it just wasn't right".

And he turned back and said,

"I understand, the other one was more light weight and appropriate for a summer picnic or garden party and this one is a little more formal and appropriate for an indoor event".

He completely stunned me. And then my heart was filled with fashion pride. Apparently someone does listen to the incessant fashion babbles that comes out of my mouth. . .

(Dress: Theory, shoes: Chie Mihara, Bag: Marimekko)

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Chubbs said...

Two things:
1) You're dad is a looker, and a obviously a sweetie pie!

2) I've been wanting some Chi Mihera (I think I mis-spelled that) for 2 years...and my boss just showed me her new now i'm tempted to splurge. Just one pair!! Maybe I'll get Mary Janes since they're are always in season.