Friday, June 27, 2008

Sicilienne Op. 78 - Faure

It's okay.
You can laugh. I know what you're thinking. And before you say it, let me just say:

"Yeah, I know".

Obsessive compulsive? Right now, I am living with all my earthly possessions in 10 x 14 feet of space. It's a little cramped. So baby steps, friends. . .baby steps. Starting with the most important thing. The closet.

With this set up, I create new colour combos with tired pieces that I hardly ever wear. Purple and yellow? Why not? Red and brown? Sure, okay. Stripes on stripes? Well you already know how I feel about that. A colour coordinated wardrobe is not only inspiring but it also helps me find what I'm looking for in a timely manner, with minimal cursing. Which means I might, actually make it out the door on time, to meet you. Isn't that a marvelous thought? Plus it reminds me of this beautiful rainbow at the MET .

As I was tend to my little organization project. . . my phone rings with the familiar tone of an incoming text message. "Turn on 90.9". I did. Gabriel Faure! My hips sway instinctively to the music but I continue with my little OCD project. My mind isn't focusing properly anymore on the task at hand. How did you know? Because I told you. . . and you listen, occasionally. And like that, there we were. Back in the same spot which put us in hot water three years ago.

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