Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Young Neil - Blonde Redhead

I love getting older. Okay, that's a lie. . .I tolerate aging. But certain things which come with age are simply irreplaceable. I now savor and truly appreciate the weather. The sun, the rain, the cold, there's good in it all. These days, I love a chilly day in the middle of the summer. Such a refreshing break from the heat. Maybe it was living in London and not the aging. I loved today. And I loved pulling out this old H&M dress from last summer. I got this in a bargain bin and wore it until I could hardly stand the sight of it. Contemplated putting it in a Goodwill bag and now, we're old friends again. My Daryl K. cardigan I could never get sick of, my bag is Topshop from five years ago (age hasn't been good to this bag). But the shoes. . . they're last summer, Nine West and they make me just tall enough to keep up with my younger sister (Cornpuddin').

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Obinna said...

Nice 1st line! Sounds like it belongs in a book. Just stopped by to read since I was on the computer doing nothing. Toodles.