Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adante (very calm), Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copeland

Sorry I've been lax on the postings. It's too hot to do anything right now. If you can avoid visiting DC in July, I would. Instead of thinking about wearing clothes creatively, I'm thinking about when I can next take them off.


- working this week (yay!)
- attending ballet three days a week even though putting tights in this weather is a twenty minute affair (lots of hemming, hawing, sighing and crying "I can't do this").
- making a dress in two hours.

No outfit photos this time. My friend Monica took the only ones and she gets no points for her photo skills. But she does get points for her sweet little bachelorette pad, which has quickly become our post-ballet hangout. We drink iced drinks, try on her pointe shoes and talk about boys!

I love her "no bookcase" rule. She thinks bookcases are ugly and unnecessary. I might agree with her completely if I didn't like my Expedit bookcase just so very much. It's not flashy but it's purposeful and the more I envision moving into a studio space, the more content I'll be, using my Expedit as a room divider.


Chubbs said...

I love creative shelving. i used to have an Expedit. But I had to sell it when I moved because I couldn't dis-assemble it :-(

How on earth does your friend keep those books organized?!!? Or maybe she doesn't.

Kira Fashion said...

How many books you have! Fantastic!!!

I like the way it is...very artistical ;)

a kiss!!!

love your blog, i am adding you my feeds :) lets be in touch!

monica said...

Ack! I'm not necessarily opposed to book shelves, they just would be too bulky in my tiny studio : ) my dream is built-in shelves, but they are not in my world as a renter, maybe one day...

I'll be out of class on Thursday, so we'll have to play before then!


PS the books are organized vaguely by subject area, its actually less impractical than it seems

monica said...

also, sorry your pics didn't turn out, your dress was so cool, you'll have to get another, better photo taken because that dress is super cool and needs to be shared with the world, plus you looked hot!

Annie said...

Whoh, I can't say that I agree with your friend, but her lack of bookcase does lend a certain wabi sabi to her home.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha. I never thought of placing my books like that. I should try it to see if it's a better fit than spending hours on end trying to find the 'right' book-stand.

etoilee8 said...

Monica sorry I misquoted you :( I hope you'll be in class today (Sunday).

Chubbs I fear I'm gonna have to do away with my Expedit too, unless I can figure out a way to slide it down the stairs.

Kira, please come back and visit often, although these are my friend Monica's books, I too, have a lot!

Annie, it looks so cool in person, pictures don't do it justice

Omegatron, you should totally try it. You won't be disappointed.