Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Always Be There - Basement Jaxx (I liked this song when I was 16 and visiting London)

Summer I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Work is slow. I don't see myself going on vacation. I am very uninspired (my outfits consist of tanks and shorts).

Nothing a trip to Dover Street Market can't fix. I never got the chance to visit the store in person but their comprehensive website is so detailed oriented, I feel as if I'm breathing London in. Of course they carry tons of Comme Des Garcons (Rei KAWAKUBO's influence as concept director, might have had some pull in that direction). I love my green wallet so much, that I have decided that my next wallet will be from Comme Des Garcons too. I've got my eye on the orange. . . but that could change. I really should have kept the blue one which I also received for Christmas.

Dover Street Market carries the Comme Des Garcons perfume line, "Leaves". When I use to wear "Calamus", I always got comments about my unusual fragrance. It's very unusual indeed. I know that calamus is an actual plant (pictured above), but to me, the perfume smells of the leaves of a tomato plant. Leafy, green and fresh.

I've never been a die hard Ferragamo fan (I always find vintage Ferragamos at Salvation Army). . . but their selection looks inviting to the point where I could see myself trying on all of them!

The Tom Binns jewelry caught my eye. I'm on a huge chunky jewelry kick these days, since my outfits are so limited and plain.

Hussein Chalayan's clothes always awe me. . . and I love the way the pieces look so neatly arrange in this minimal setting.

No, I don't get the covered faces either. But the draping that Junya Watanabe provides is a fashion aphrodisiac to me (in a former life, I like to think that perhaps I was an art teacher).

The Yves St. Laurent display seems inviting and warm. I think that's what I like most about Dover Street Market. All the displays are so inviting and fun, I can see how anyone would want to spend hours in this shop, just oohing and ahhing.

And finally. . .any amazing store worth their salt has a cafe where you can ditch your grumpy boyfriend or friend who simply doesn't get "what all the fuss is about".

Doesn't the food look amazing? Or am I just hankering for a late night snack?

(Photos: Dover Street Market and Wikipedia )


Anonymous said...

Good to see you really took your time uncovering all the hidden gems at DSM. Great post.


Annie said...

Whoh, those necklaces are intense! I love them...

etoilee8 said...

DSM Market team, thanks for visiting! One day, perhaps I'll visit you.

Aren't they amazing Annie? Intense jewelry gets me every time. . .