Friday, July 11, 2008

Broken Bridges - Cara Dillon

If this month had a title, it would be either:

"You Broke It, Are You Happy Now?"

So many broken things.

Not just my wayfarers, which met their unfortunate end thanks to my neighborhood's careless landscapers and their lawn mowers.

At least the trend is almost dead.


Chubbs said...

i hold onto broken things...shades, candles, a camera...i once took a broken mirror and shaped it into some geometrical walk art. And yesterday i got two holes in one of my favorite blouses...and they're unfixable...but i still love it and damnit--i'm gonna wear it if I have to piece it together with duct tape.

Très Lola said...

Aw! RIP wayfarers!

Annie said...

Oh, this post sounds deeper than just material broken things. I hope everything's okay. <3