Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cool and Bored - Le Corps Mince De Francoise

If I adore my Myspace song, I will go back and look at my page again and again, just to hear the song (especially if I can't buy it on i-tunes yet). Yeah, I'm a bit of a dork, with a bit of time on my hands. Cool and bored. These days I occupy my time with my newest music obsession, Le Corps Mince De Francoise . Their songs start out with such a catchy bang. It's impossible not to like.

I almost can't believe they're unsigned. But something tell me these chicks don't need a record label to push their way to the top. They appear to be doing just fine on their own. Plus there's something very homegrown and original about a group that makes their own music videos.

My favourite song/myspace song is actually Bitches of Bitches. . . but I'll save that one for a more appropriate blog post title.

(Photos: Le Corps Mince De Francoise, Myspace page)

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