Monday, July 7, 2008

Crime - Stina Nordenstam

Amazed and bewildered, I knew I had to tell someone. Someone who wouldn't judge me. Certainly not Dad. . . probably not my older sister either. So, I waved to my older sister's boyfriend from the top step.

James made his way up the stairs, walked through the door and did a double take. And that's not even all of them. Admitting you have a problem is evidently the first step. But I'm not ready to call it a problem. I'm ready for more.

Keep in mind:
- One third of these shoes cost $20 or under.
- I take pretty decent care of my shoes. 1/4 of these shoes are four years old or older.
- Some of them, have messed up heels and should be thrown out. . . alas, I'm too attached.


K.Line said...

It looks crazy but, you made a compelling case for why you might have so many delicious pairs of shoes. I say, if you have space to store them, walk on proud!

But do try to toss the ones beyond salvation. I have trouble with that myself so I end up - without the space to store anything - staring at shoes I can't wear anymore or wearing shoes that aren't really good for me.

Chubbs said...

look at those shoes! it's like dessert and sex all wrapped into one...

are you a size 8, by chance? ;-)

etoilee8 said...

k.line, thank you for feeding my madness. Although some of them really do need to go. I'm just a nutbag, I suppose

Size 10 Chubbs :) Peas and I are always wishing we wore the same size. We'd swap shoes left and right.

laia. said...

no shame in having a lot of shoes! i would conservatively estimate i own at least 40 pairs of shoes. i take good care of them so they last forever :) my ipod cost more than a lot of them and it died after 3 years... now THATS a waste of money if you ask me.

gilda said...


i have about 24 pairs and they are taking up too much space in my stupid small nyc apartment.