Monday, July 21, 2008

D.A.N.C.E. - Justice (my soundtrack from last summer)

I have a friend who thinks ballet is really hot.
All I have to do is mention that I'm running out the door for ballet and I can literally feel him thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts. I put out his fire by reminding him that I look like Billy Elliot and my feet smell.

But there's are a boat load of preconceived notions about ballet.

A. It's prissy and anyone can do it.
Truth: Making it look effortless is what the advanced dancers do too well. Anyone can hop around like an idiot but keeping it pretty and being in complete control requires strength, balance and focus.

B. Ballet gear is hot.
Truth: On the contrary. . . there's a lot of ballet gear that really doesn't look so "hot". As a matter of fact, with most ballet inspired clothing in stores (cough, cough, American Apparel). . . I find myself thinking "How would one dance in that? There's no support!"
I know I'm being too literal, but just sayin'. . .

Right now, I'm in the market for a pair of knitted warm ups, like the ones above. I think they are a bit ridiculous looking. . . but they keep your legs warm and they breathe so it's a necessary evil. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to do basic black or something more obnoxious. (Smug grin is included with your purchase at no extra charge).

I also like this more expensive pair. Maybe I'll just go to town. I haven't bought myself anything ballet related all year except new shoes.

But while I'm on the path to keeping it real, let's look at some other warm ups, shall we?

Now these are hot. . .

. . . in a literal sense of the word. They're meant to help you warm up quickly but some people like them because they help you to sweat out water weight around the thigh and tummy area. Seems a bit redundant to me, but I could see myself buying some for the winter. And if ever you are so into your grande allegro that you just can't sneak out the door towards the bathroom. . .

Knitted baby suit anyone? I'm sure this thing has many practical purposes, I just don't see myself buying one anytime soon. I know you should never say never, but I'm gonna call "never" on this one.

And how about the men.
I know men ballet dancers are a split 50/50 thing with the ladies. Some girls love it, some girls think it's ridiculous. To me, a guy can have a horrible face/whatever, but if he's got a nice behind and dances well, suddenly I'm mesmerized. . . unless he's dancing in this. . .

. . . I can't be the only person that looks at this and thinks "that is just so unnecessary"?

So who wants to take a dance class with me?

(Photos: Dance )


K.Line said...

My sister went to the National Ballet School so I know first hand how incredibly challenging and rigourous ballet is. And it's awesome exercise which happens to be beautiful! (That's what I love about yoga, which I've been doing for 20 years now.)

Next time I'm in DC, you've gotta take me to a class!

Annie said...

LOL, that's one brawny ballerina man there.

monica said...

check out
they make all sorts of knitted ballet stuff in a million colors...

sorry i'll miss you tonight-- see you on sunday! (or before if you wanna do something this weekend..)

later! monica

etoilee8 said...

K. Line, we will most certainly go to a class, Annie, I think he looks absolutely ridiculous, Monica (and all) I can assure you I've received my ugly knitted pants (both Sansha and Kd Dance) and they are indeed awesome.