Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flynn - Ratatat

To save myself the pain of longing and wanting, I outlaw certain sites when I know there are sales. I have spent all the money I can spend this month on birthday presents for my older sister and Jamesy. Any personal apparel purchases for me can only come from Salvation Army until my next job. Which is why Built By Wendy has been strictly outlawed (after one teensy, tiny peek). But you, my dears. . . you can shop. And I can live vicariously through you. So if you buy anything, do tell. Please.


Annie said...

Well, I did just buy a pair of shoes (just sneakers, cheap) and blogged about it, so I'd say come on over, but my site has a bunch of sales on it--so I might be banned for now! ;D

Annie said...

P.S. I just went to that sight, and I see your problem!

ambika said...

Oh, I saw this & had no idea she sold clothes in addition to her cute patterns. Tho I was put off by the prices, I had to see if they were cheaper on ebay. No such luck.