Monday, July 14, 2008

Gimmi Gimmi - Tosca

I love shoes so much, I get joy from other people's shoe buys. Peas loves her red, Nine West shoes and so I bought the black for my sister as a belated birthday present. I tried on both, but they made my size 10 feet look ginormous. Sometimes what looks good on the goose looks awful on the gander.


Sofia said...

I don't even care that there is a close up picture of my horribly ugly feet on the internet. I guess that means I am all grown up. I love those shoes. I do. And I love the black ones with the pink nail polish.

K.Line said...

Sofia: I actually think your feet are gorgeous in those shoes. They fit you perfectly. And such a great colour!

Annie said...

Oh man, those are really cute--but I wear 9.5!