Monday, July 14, 2008

Time Bomb - The Format

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. See how amused I look? Yesterday's outfit is called "You Get What You Pay For".

I pride myself on mixing hi low like a self proclaimed genius (which of course is saying a lot. . . self proclamation is the highest order of awesomeness). But, I do love a menagerie of brands and labels. . .

- my wrinkled as hell, homemade high waisted skirt (which I will teach you all how to make eventually. . .it's pretty easy)
- a white tank (Old Navy I think)
- the new necklace
- Chie Mihara shoes
- and a $9.00 marked down Target sweater

As I was galloping towards the door like a wild horse, eager to get out of the house (late, as usual), I fumbled with the button on my sweater. . .and like that, my button fell into my hand. Which made me stomp my feet and swear. . . half child, half sailor. I was running too late to do anything but chuck it on my dresser. But really Target . . . thanks for that. (Oh and I'm already losing some little charms on my new necklace). Let's hope today is better.

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