Friday, July 4, 2008

Unity - Operation Ivy

Happy Fourth! For some unexplainable reason, I have never in all my life, felt the urge to dress patriotic (as a matter of fact, seeing those who do, usually invokes some amount of laughter on my part). But as part of an experiment, I decided to today. Mostly because it's the only day of the year where I can get away with pairing royal blue and bright red together (a sweet, sweet dream of mine).

This was however, my safety outfit. The next photo was my original plan. All was going according to schedule, until I discovered I had misplaced my red and white striped belt. I bet Cornpuddin' stole it. She's probably marching around the village in my outfit right now. Ahhh sour grapes!


gilda said...

haha! that would have been very eye-brow raising. ;)

etoilee8 said...

Gilda we like to keep it classy on this blog.