Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frightening Lives - Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew

Every once and again I'll read an interview with Sienna Miller and occasionally she comes across as a little. . . self pitying.

I begin to play the world's smallest violin in my vast imagination, in her honor. The Poor Little Rich Girl song is nails on a chalkboard to my ears. I live on a tiny budget. I do a boat load of odd jobs in between jobs. I never went to a fancy boarding school and designers do not throw free clothing at me.

But she laughs at herself, a lot which I do very much admire.

When I saw this, my ears burnt and my head hurt. How barbaric and how very cruel.

What sort of time period are we living in where the general public acts out in such inappropriate ways? And why is there so much bullying of the females? No one spray paints "dirtbag" on male celebrities houses (though that would be equally horrible, it's your house for cryin' aloud and you have to look at it every time you enter and leave). And yet even in a time where she could be miserable, she looks absolutely stunning, with no make up. Hang in there darlin'.

(Photos: D Listed, where all bullying is fair and equal ).


Annie said...

Heinously sexist, I agree..

Chubbs said...

i actually like her too...despite all her bad publicity and her supposed reputation. her style is so similar to kate moss' that, i-just-woke-up-like-this sort of way.

Kira Fashion said...

she must have been mad about that!

a kiss!!!

etoilee8 said...

Annie you're right, it's hideously sexist but really it's just cruel. Ironically, the next role, Miss Miller has, she plays a character called "Hester". Hester Prim anyone? Chubbs, I kind of like Sienna too, she seems fun. And Kira, I would have been maybe not mad, just more upset. What a violation!