Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swimmer - Kathryn Williams

I realized that some days are just made for the pool.
I realized that I have way too much Marimekko (if there is such a thing).
I realized every self portrait I took had my face covered by my floppy, trusty sun hat.

Does anyone else remember this Holly Hobbie portrait from childhood? Was I the only child puzzled by the fact that you could never see her face?


Annie said...

Marimekko! <3<3<3

I remember Holly Hobby very well. I never thought much about how you can never see her face, but now that you mention it..!

Chubbs said...

ur bringing back so many memories. and you look fab btw!

meredyth said...

yeah I hated it. But probably also secretly loved it.

Stakio said...

I actually remember lifting her bonnet to see what her face looked like.