Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lovin' It - Little Brother Feat. Joe Scudda

Did I ever tell you about the time, I got four pairs of shoes for $22.80? I didn't?!?! Well that's because it only happened on Wednesday and I'm still pinching myself, as I don't believe it's real. I told my Father as my Mum and I were leaving,

"It's 25% off day at Salvation Army, but we probably won't find anything".

On the contrary.

These shoes I already own in black. The soles are walked off and the side is unraveling on one shoe. They are known to me as the "Daft Punk Wipe Out Shoe", as I wiped out in the streets of New York in these and had to go to a Daft Punk concert that night, achey and all. But somehow, I've grown attached to my black pair, so I'm happy to send them off to the dumpster and replace them with this brand new, nautical blue pair. ($4.99)

These Kenneth Cole strappy shoes, I would never pick up in a store on my own accord, but I think they look quite sweet on, I love the gold lining and they are really quite walk able. It would have been a disservice to myself, not to buy them. ($6.99)

Every year around this time, I start panicking over the very idea of boot shopping. As you know, if you don't buy early you get left with nothing. If you wear a size 10, you buy them when you see them because most stores only carry one pair in your size of each style. If you can't swallow the price, too bad. Which is funny because every pair I fall in love is usually out of my budget by about $300. I've never found the perfect pair of black boots. Until now. They're even worn in. Hurray! ($8.99)

Okay so they don't make these Staerk moccasins in my size. I guess I'll have to settle for. . .

. . . these mint green Tod driving loafers.

Tod's to me, is one of those luxury brands that you only buy if you have excess, excess, excess. Therefore I would never expect to find a pair at Salvation Army. In these babies, I might actually blend in, in the British Airways first class cabin. Two minutes after I found the shoes cast aside on the floor, I noticed a fellow shopper watching me carefully. She asked me where I found them and if I was going to buy them.

Yes, lady I'm gonna buy them.
Yes, I know exactly what I'm holding in my hand.
No, you can't have them.

(Yes Peas , I still think you're a nutter over the leather bag incident , but I kind of know how you felt).

A driving shoe, is a shoe with a leather bottom and rubber spikes, as seen above, next to the $4.99 written in marker. Yes. Four. Ninety-nine.

(Photo of Staerk Booties: Shop Adele )


Chubbs said...

i'm terribly terribly jealous right now of your bargains! oy. that's one thing i can't find in new york--REAL thrift store bargains--at least not in manhattan. i need to make a trip to Va. for now though, i've been stalking eBay.

etoilee8 said...

I was just explaining to someone how it is nearly impossible to scoop a bargain at a NYC thrift store. You have to be diligent about it (and really who has the time?). In Virginia, it doesn't happen every day, but sometimes, I walk in, expecting nothing and walk out with a gold mine.

Ugly Fashionista said...

dear aja, i'm jealous that you can get 4 pairs of shoes for that much.

meredyth said...

Wow. I'm really loving those Tod's. Seriously great. The other shoes are pretty nice too. Way to go.

ambika said...

Those strappy heels are *amazing*! What deals.

Dina-Dyorre said...

mygosh, I love autumn! And sunsets. And dry leaves that crackle with every step. And that gorgeous video, I was really drawn to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes. i just bought a really cute pair of Etro pumps. You're going to love them when you see them. Also I just located one of my favorite consignment stores in NYC. Everything is quite affordable for the quality of the items. I tried on a dress from phillip lim for for $60.00! Not bad, but nothing like your deals in VA. But it's good for new york!