Sunday, August 10, 2008

Margarine Melodie - Stereolab

Annie Spandex , I'm always happy to hear when another, shares my love for Marimekko . My entire family is naturally attracted to their bright yet minimal design process and somewhere in the last twenty years, we've managed to accumulate a lot of Marimekko. I've been quite lucky, in my thrift finds this year. On the day that you commented, I took my mother thrifting and I scored that butterfly chair cover for $6! I was thrilled!

Meanwhile, a couple months ago, Peas and I were scouring Salvation Army, and I came marching out with this stretched fabric. . . for once again $6. (I got some amazing Bodum coffee mugs that day too). One should keep their eyes peeled for Marimekko in thrift stores. Often the store employees have no idea what a treasure they've received.

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Annie said...

How did I miss this? Sorry it took me so long.
What great finds! Sooo lucky! I'd be thrilled to find some Marimekko in a thrift shop. :D