Wednesday, August 20, 2008

M.I.A. - M.I.A.

I know I've been M.I.A. I've been in Maine. With a ten year old and a twelve year old. The god sisters. As I was quite hands on with Sarah's camp , I felt I had to make up big for not seeing much of Sammi during that time period. So I offered to drive to Maine to pick her up, from her summer camp. And as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. I kid, I kid.


1. Not leaving either of them behind at a rest stop (though help me lord, was I ever tempted sometimes).

2. Thrift shopping with Sarah the Sales Lady. (We purchased the plaid hand bag slung across her arm at a Goodwill in Connecticut).

Me - What do you think of this shirt? (Holding white shirt with kid with afro). I would only be using it for ballet
Sarah - No way, I don't think it's you, lemme find you something else.
Me - Okay, nothing too ugly though. . .
Sarah - (Eyes light up as she comes across tie dye wonder).
Me- Drop it.
Sarah - But it says "dance" on it. . .

3. Both girls developing an appreciation for my fun loving eye wear. I think I might have to purchase a pair of wayfarers for each of them, because there's no way I can part with my childhood ones.

4. Getting out of the Marc Jacobs store in Boston under $100. I say the cotton scarves ($35) are probably the best deal, as they are thick, colourful and seemingly warm (I really haven't tested out mine yet). The key chains are very nice too ($5). They make for cute luxury prezzies. You should see people's eyes when you hand them out.

5. Getting Sammi and Sarah into M.I.A. Before I got in my car to drive home, they memorized the first verse of "Paper Planes". And with that, I felt my job as the cool older sister figure had been fulfilled.


Annie said...

LOL, how cute!

Kira Fashion said...

she is fantastic and i do love her songs and style too! People and say and she said too that she really inspires her music and Brazil and other coutures...i don´t know, but the results are really great and we feel like dancing with her!

a kiss
great post!!