Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Special - Land Of Talk

Everyone has a job when we set off for summer holidays in France. My Mum's job is to inspect the cutlery in any dining establishment and constantly ask why everyone smokes, my sisters and my collective duties were not to piss my Dad off and my individual duties included holding things for Dad in the airport.

"Here hold the passports".
"Grab my guitar".
"Put these tickets in your knapsack".

One summer I managed to collectively lose both my tennis shoes and my father's Ray Bans between Charles De Gaulle and a train station. My father is very sweet and not at all very materialistic, so he just shook his head about the sunglasses (meanwhile my mother reminds me from time to time). But everyone knows that a twelve year old without tennis shoes is like a duck without water.

Upon reaching our destination of Montpellier, my father and I walked to the nearest clothing outfitter where he purchased tennis shoes for my sisters and I. Although, they looked identical to the ones above, they probably weren't by Bensimon for they only cost 50 fr. . . but I loved them all the same and wore them through the school year until my toe poked through a hole in the corner. Just perusing their website makes me long for a pair of simple sneakers, like the ones I once loved. Sometimes simplicity is key.
Check out the ribbon sneakers in the collage above. C'est chic, mais non?

(Photos: and the Bensimon Facebook group. . . who'd have thought. . . )

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Peas said...

You reminded me that I have a pair of Bensimon that I got a couple of summers ago. I got a pair of little white slip on canvas shoes from them a couple of summers ago and wore them all the time.