Monday, August 25, 2008

What You Think About. . . - St. Germain

Outlet shopping today. The usual Calvin Klein undies, the score of a lifetime, an Alexander Wang top for $60 (down from $264). When I stumble upon something amazing, I usually, gasp, giggle or sometimes sigh which I follow up with a marathon sprint to the fitting room. If it fits like a glove, I come dancing out of the fitting room and sashay straight to the register. If it doesn't fit, I drag my feet, sigh (sadly), put it back on the rack and admire it for a few minutes more before moving on. In this case, I ran straight for the cash register. I was almost finished with my transaction when the sales lady slapped down the receipt for me to sign. My mother, leering over my shoulder, craned her neck specifically to get an eyeful of the price.

Yada, yada, yada, something about me being horse whipped for paying that amount of money for a single top. My best defense?



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Kira Fashion said...

So cool!
I am so happy for you, I love the design!!!

a kiss!!!!