Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Love - The Prodigy

One Love (Edit) - The Prodigy

When I get a awesome pair of new shoes, I want to scream a happy war cry, like the one featured in this song. (This song also plays in my head when I score something really sweet at a thrift store). I know it's not that deep. . . oh but it is. So instead of shouting like a crazy woman, I call Peas and leave her voicemail:

"This is a really, really very important message. Are you listening? It's very important. I just got my new shoes in the mail from that place and they are UNBELIEVABLY SER-WEET. That is all."

(In my defense she leaves me messages at 8:55am about whether or not we should go to the Lykke Li concert. Thats one very important message for you).

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Saturday, September 27, 2008

He Watches Her From Behind - Stina Nordenstam

And like that, she cut her hair again. As she watched her black wisps fall to the ground like snow, she told herself not to cry. . . because frankly "they're all going to laugh at you". This was the shortest she had ever gone. (On one side).

After a day of near regret as a direct response to her mother's obvious disappointment and disapproval, she realized regretful moping wasn't becoming and she went out to face the world. The barista at Starbucks shouted, "I love your hair, what do you call that style?"

"Half a mullet", she replied. The barista and a few customers fell into fits of giggles. . . and she smiled too, because she wasn't actually joking. . . and because did in fact, really love her hair.

Thank you so much Ryan Mitchell at Vidal Sassoon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exercise 1 - Bent

Daul Kim has good taste in both clothes and music and I enjoy reading her funny, sometimes melancholy sounding blog. But until I can afford Martin Margiela (probably no time soon). . . I'll have to take the thrift inspired route ($4.99)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What A Little Moonlight - Billie Holiday

Ooooooooooh what a little waistline can do. . .
ooooh what a little waistline can do for you. . .
you're in love,
this dress jumpin',
buuuuut, you look. . .
a little frumpy,
ooooh what a little waistline can do!

- sung to the tune of Billie Holiday's "What A Little Moonlight Can Do".

Unique thrift dress, $3.00. . . tailored by myself.

I know you're loving my Sears catalog pose. Don't hate on my awesome posing skills.

Just Once - Herbert

I live in lightweight, versatile jersey pieces. Naturally this Old Navy wrap sweater is the perfect pick for me. I was almost to the register when I remembered that my older sister always steals my knitwear. As a matter of fact she borrowed my sweater when I took her to the airport on Monday (destination, Ibiza). I pray for that sweater's safe return. At $15 a pop, I thought "oh why not?". Then. . . I remembered that Cornpuddin' will feel left out if I don't get one for her too (as she lives in sweats and knitwear). . . so I added yet another heather gray cardi to the pile. I attempted to make my way to the register when the, the navy blue caught my eye. It's awfully nice looking. . . so I added it to the pile. I used the "BFF" code, good for this weekend only and suddenly, my cardis were $12. Not bad for a great basic item.

PS- I think my Mum is taking the navy blue from me. Just this once, all four of the women of this household will have a single matching item. Don't worry, we have little desire to become one of those family's that starts dressing alike . . .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let There Be Light - Justice

I wasn't sure if it was a classic case of behind-the-computer-screen nastiness when Britt of referred to Alice Temperly's and Erin Fetherston's presentations as "over-the-top" (a nicer way of saying "bad"). These girls catch fire whenever they say anything that could be interpreted as "mean".

Now Britt did provide pictures of Temperly's show and I'll admit it wasn't her strongest. But Erin's. . . I usually love. For example the pants above. . . sure D&G did the whole brocade thing last spring but I think brocade's a ok.

Many of the dresses were light and floaty like clouds. But if these are your clouds. . .

. . . does that mean this a cloud on crack?

Any questions? Plenty.

I'll start with, who wants to walk around with their ta-tas on full display like a banner splayed across your chest? That is simply begging for negative attention.

Question Two: Have you tried the wedding cake? I heard it's delicious.

(Photos: of course! And My Wedding Cake.US )

Friday, September 12, 2008

Give It - (Quantic Soul Orchestra Mix) X-Press 2 Feat. Kurt Wagner

Yes Matt Jackson, you knew EXACTLY what to get me for my birthday. You might be interested to know exactly what you got me. . .

Two organic cotton tanks . . .

. . .this really sweet little black jacket. . .

. . . and half of this awesome pleather hoodie! All from H&M .
"Whip out the sweater and the second layer, it's time for a change"

Your generous birthday present went a long way, because I know how to stretch a gift card. Thank you so much, Matt. I love it all.

Stuck On Repeat - Little Boots

Dear Potential Boyfriend Candidate,

It is my regret to inform you that your application as potential boyfriend, has been terminated due to a general pathetic attitude on your part. Instead of buying a ticket to come and visit you this weekend, I bought this great top from the Gap and a much needed haircut. I will also buy myself a drink tonight and cheers myself for not putting up with any further bullshit. For now the position is closed but I thank you kindly for your interests my company.

Kind Regards,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whoo Alright! - The Rapture

Marc honey, are you in there?

(Photos: Mr. Dlist and )

You Talk Way Too Much - The Strokes

One of my roommates in New York, disliked Anne Hathaway. They went to the same high school and according to him she was one of those obnoxious people that talked loudly and only about themselves. Ironically, my ex roommate could have won a gold medal in talking loudly and only about oneself. I moved out of there after one month. I couldn't take him anymore. Plus, I love Anne Hathaway. I've never met her and I have a feeling I would get along with her much better than him.

I think she looks like royalty in these photos. Bjorkesque royalty. And she's had a tough year but hasn't let her get it down. Hats off to you, Anne Hathaway!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Is It - Bjork

Reason #528 Why My Parents Are Awesome.

Today I was cleaning my bedroom. Such a tedious task, I kept furiously checking my email, in hopes of some sort of distraction. Thank you, Dad:

My hip Dad, the 8th wonder of the world. How he finds this stuff? God only knows. We talked about me taking a hip hop class in addition to my ballet repetoire. We both think it would be fun(ny). (Psss! I have no rhythm).

Meanwhile, an hour later, I was going through my stacks of magazines when I came across an old addition of Uniqlo Paper. My mother flipped through it and excitedly concluded, "you need both of these shirts". Tis true.

Two key points of my personality:

-constant tardiness
-ability to entertain myself, occasional wallflower tendencies

I could not have gotten more delightful parents.

"Who is it, who never let you down, who is it, who gave you back your crown". - Bjork

Girls - Death In Vegas

I'm probably the millionth blogger to blog about Boy by Band of Outsiders, but I don't care, I loved their presentation. (And more power to them for getting so much internet publicity).

It's great to see Kirsten Dunst again after a year sabbatical of laying a little low. I admire Kirsten Dunst because she really owns her clothes. It could be a burlap sack and she's make me want to own it. I do see a ton of clothes I would love to wear and a few things which resemble pieces I have and LOVE.

Happy to see blazers big and small are sticking around, as I managed to stock up on them from thrift stores this summer. I especially like the oversized Miami Vice style blazer.

For Peas , who will like this collection as much as I do.

(Photos: and )