Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mishaps Mishappening - Quantic

1. Never go to Ocean City for bad things always happen.

a. Incarcerations
b. Drunken temper tantrums
c. Being referred to as "colored". . . oh yes, oh yes.
d. General chaos

2. Always break your own rules.

So reluctantly, my older sister and I, packed our matching Marimekko bags (dorks, I know) and set off for the seaside. Accommodations were kindly supplied by Monica, my older sister's real estate partner.

Don't get me wrong, we had a great time. Sipping wine whilst listening to the waves, waking with the sun. But no trip is complete without a few mishaps.

Or more like malfunctions. Of the wardrobe department. Here's my older sister yacking away on her crack berry. This is why she's a great agent. Because she never knows when it's time to stop working and enjoy the friggin' view. I swear she's gonna interrupt her own wedding with that crackberry. Do you notice the waves behind her? They grew consistently as the day flew by. I had to learn the hard way that my favourite swim suit is not equipped for high tide.


1. Flashing my tatas to half the beach after being slammed to the ocean floor by a wave. My older sister shot me her special reserved "horrified look", when I stood up from the water, only to realize the little boys next to me were two steps ahead of her.
"Woo woo Ocean Titties".

2. Being dragged in the rip tide (I assure you I was fine) and Monica signaling for the lifeguard to rescue me, even though I wasn't drowning. It was slightly humiliating.

As we pulled away from the condo building, my sister foolishly said,
"I can't believe we got out of Ocean City with no disasters". I knew she jinxed us then and there.

Exactly 1.5 hours after the words left her lips, there we were sitting in the back of a tow truck, in Delaware. Do you see how relieved I look, that we finally got the disaster out of the way? There's no way we could have ended our trip, without it.

(Note: Don't worry, the car was fixed by the end of the day).


lsaspacey said...

You must explain the "colored" story. I'm racking my brain for a way that could have come about. Even if you don't answer it here, please email me at my blog and let me know. thanks.
Signed by a "woman OF color"

cornpuddin said...

I am soooo happy i was not invited on that trip. Hope yall had fun.


etoilee8 said...

Isaspacey, not to worry, it was just a case of absolute ignorance. No maliciousness there, just stupidity.

Cornpuddin' we had a great time. We'll have to remember not to invite you next time either. xoxo

PS- You best be drinkin' some water tonight.