Saturday, September 27, 2008

He Watches Her From Behind - Stina Nordenstam

And like that, she cut her hair again. As she watched her black wisps fall to the ground like snow, she told herself not to cry. . . because frankly "they're all going to laugh at you". This was the shortest she had ever gone. (On one side).

After a day of near regret as a direct response to her mother's obvious disappointment and disapproval, she realized regretful moping wasn't becoming and she went out to face the world. The barista at Starbucks shouted, "I love your hair, what do you call that style?"

"Half a mullet", she replied. The barista and a few customers fell into fits of giggles. . . and she smiled too, because she wasn't actually joking. . . and because did in fact, really love her hair.

Thank you so much Ryan Mitchell at Vidal Sassoon!


Peas said...

You look hot like a hot thing.

Chubbs said...

i love it! very chic and sleek. (ever wonder why those 2 words sound the same but are spelled completely different? damn the english!)

ur making me miss my "half mullet" days.

K.Line said...

OK, I don't mean to disagree with your mother, but she is totally high on drugs! This haircut is gorgeous and it looks terrific on you.

gilda said...

HOT!!! love it! i have about 3 quarters of a mullet now. :D

micAh! said...


Chris said...

OOOOO I love it!