Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls - Death In Vegas

I'm probably the millionth blogger to blog about Boy by Band of Outsiders, but I don't care, I loved their presentation. (And more power to them for getting so much internet publicity).

It's great to see Kirsten Dunst again after a year sabbatical of laying a little low. I admire Kirsten Dunst because she really owns her clothes. It could be a burlap sack and she's make me want to own it. I do see a ton of clothes I would love to wear and a few things which resemble pieces I have and LOVE.

Happy to see blazers big and small are sticking around, as I managed to stock up on them from thrift stores this summer. I especially like the oversized Miami Vice style blazer.

For Peas , who will like this collection as much as I do.

(Photos: Style.com and Textually.org )


Chubbs said...

Umm, I was just talking about Miami Vice yesterday with a co-worker...raving/joking about the blazers! Ahh, that show was/is a guilty pleasure--although, it seemed so cool back then.

Kirsten looks uber chic in the pencil skirt and lemon heels.

gilda said...

oh wow, i really love how they styled her. she sure looks good!!!