Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Once - Herbert

I live in lightweight, versatile jersey pieces. Naturally this Old Navy wrap sweater is the perfect pick for me. I was almost to the register when I remembered that my older sister always steals my knitwear. As a matter of fact she borrowed my sweater when I took her to the airport on Monday (destination, Ibiza). I pray for that sweater's safe return. At $15 a pop, I thought "oh why not?". Then. . . I remembered that Cornpuddin' will feel left out if I don't get one for her too (as she lives in sweats and knitwear). . . so I added yet another heather gray cardi to the pile. I attempted to make my way to the register when the, the navy blue caught my eye. It's awfully nice looking. . . so I added it to the pile. I used the "BFF" code, good for this weekend only and suddenly, my cardis were $12. Not bad for a great basic item.

PS- I think my Mum is taking the navy blue from me. Just this once, all four of the women of this household will have a single matching item. Don't worry, we have little desire to become one of those family's that starts dressing alike . . .

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