Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let There Be Light - Justice

I wasn't sure if it was a classic case of behind-the-computer-screen nastiness when Britt of Fashionista.com referred to Alice Temperly's and Erin Fetherston's presentations as "over-the-top" (a nicer way of saying "bad"). These girls catch fire whenever they say anything that could be interpreted as "mean".

Now Britt did provide pictures of Temperly's show and I'll admit it wasn't her strongest. But Erin's. . . I usually love. For example the pants above. . . sure D&G did the whole brocade thing last spring but I think brocade's a ok.

Many of the dresses were light and floaty like clouds. But if these are your clouds. . .

. . . does that mean this a cloud on crack?

Any questions? Plenty.

I'll start with, who wants to walk around with their ta-tas on full display like a banner splayed across your chest? That is simply begging for negative attention.

Question Two: Have you tried the wedding cake? I heard it's delicious.

(Photos: Style.com of course! And My Wedding Cake.US )

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pv said...

"over the top" would be a bit extreme. i would wear this. just not in dc. and in va. ESP not in md. ok, so maybe these pieces would hang in my closet, but still, i'd admire from a view :)