Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Love - The Prodigy

One Love (Edit) - The Prodigy

When I get a awesome pair of new shoes, I want to scream a happy war cry, like the one featured in this song. (This song also plays in my head when I score something really sweet at a thrift store). I know it's not that deep. . . oh but it is. So instead of shouting like a crazy woman, I call Peas and leave her voicemail:

"This is a really, really very important message. Are you listening? It's very important. I just got my new shoes in the mail from that place and they are UNBELIEVABLY SER-WEET. That is all."

(In my defense she leaves me messages at 8:55am about whether or not we should go to the Lykke Li concert. Thats one very important message for you).

Photo: Urban Outfitters


Linda said...

we should all go to the lykke li show!

Puebla Chic said...

i just got a a pair of boots, that I looove right now, you have no idea and since its been kind of cold in my city i`ve been wearing them a lot!