Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Is It - Bjork

Reason #528 Why My Parents Are Awesome.

Today I was cleaning my bedroom. Such a tedious task, I kept furiously checking my email, in hopes of some sort of distraction. Thank you, Dad:

My hip Dad, the 8th wonder of the world. How he finds this stuff? God only knows. We talked about me taking a hip hop class in addition to my ballet repetoire. We both think it would be fun(ny). (Psss! I have no rhythm).

Meanwhile, an hour later, I was going through my stacks of magazines when I came across an old addition of Uniqlo Paper. My mother flipped through it and excitedly concluded, "you need both of these shirts". Tis true.

Two key points of my personality:

-constant tardiness
-ability to entertain myself, occasional wallflower tendencies

I could not have gotten more delightful parents.

"Who is it, who never let you down, who is it, who gave you back your crown". - Bjork

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Ariel said...

I love that dancing girl. I want to adopt her.