Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homeward - The Sundays

To know me is to love me.
To love me is to understand me.
To understand me is to look at my bookshelf.
To look at my bookshelf is to know. . .

. . .that I am obsessed with the way people live.

As the winter months roll in like white fog, I become more and more obsessed with the idea of cozy nesting. I cannot wait to have a perfect little place, just the way I like it. The Selby provides adequate eye candy to those suffering from the same voyeuristic ailment. Fair warning, you might want to browse for hours.

If Kenyan and Grace are not one of the most beautiful couples you have ever seen, it's because you have no eyes. . .

PS- A lot of the Londoners live in my old hood. God, do I ever miss it.

(All photos: The Selby )

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry

Not working during the election, unlike me? Planning on staying home, nice and cozy with friends. Lucky you. Why not have a Spencer Tunick naked party? Spencer is looking for people to host Election Day parties which he can photograph as installations. Here's the official rap:

To host this party work, you must be willing to throw a party and take care of all the expenses associated with the party.
It can be BYOB, etc. The party can be low key or – over the top, it’s up to you. Also the party can be at another location besides from a home or an apartment. But it must be a private location so there are no onlookers. You would send the invitation to your friends by email to pose nude with you during the elections Tuesday evening Nov. 4th 2008.

I made a mock up email to show you what you would send out. I would work with you to get the invite ready to be sent out.

If you are interested, here are the steps.

1. Please send me a photograph of yourself (self-portrait digital camera snapshots are fine)
2. Send me a photograph of where I would be making the artwork, with television in view (include party address)
3. In your response to this email please use as Subject: ELECTION NIGHT PARTY 2008
4. Phone number.

If for any reason you do not here back from me after sending in your request to host my artwork, it will only be because I have chosen a party-thrower, sorry for this. I AM THINKING OF MAYBE DOING TWO PARTIES THAT EVENING?!

Please send your photos and requests in ASAP as I need to decide soon and start working on the artwork.


I posed for one of Spencer's installations years ago and it was SO MUCH FUN. One big ole' naked party. You should do it! And don't be one of those lame clothed people. Spencer's all cool with it if you don't want to get naked, but I call it laaaaaaaaame. Besides, you know you've been dying to see all your friends unclothed, but you don't want to be the cheating peepin' Tom. . .

Fall Break - Aim

You know what else I love about autumn? Layers. In autumn, you can layer stylishly before it gets too cold. Once winter arrives, my style tends to die and my survival tactics of putting on as much as possible, come into play. There are plenty of people that don't do thrift because they don't know how to find what looks nice on them. The top outfit is entirely thrift, which I am very proud of. The boots, blazer, bag, dress. . . (okay, the hat is from ).

The bottom outfit is pretty frumpy but yet entirely mid range designer.

Wrap sweatershirt - Daryl K
Jeans - A.P.C.
Scarf - Marc Jacobs

In my defense, I was headed out the door to ballet (I never look my finest at those moments). But which outfits nicer? I think the thrift finds win by far. Designer clothes don't always equal a fabulous outfit. You've got to do the work.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sexy Asshole - Brazilian Girls

I bought this book for my older sister six years ago, when she was going through a string of bad boyfriends and her belief in astrology was at it's strongest. I found it funny and telling. . . she found it, utterly depressing.

I think there should be a sequel to the book, something along the lines of "How To Spot An Occupational Bastard By His Style of Dress".

A couple months ago I found myself working on a very high profile news shoot. I walked in the door and immediately pressed myself against the wall out of utter fear, like a scared animal. There he was.

Sharp looking blazer jacket. This one is Hickey Freeman, by way of Barneys .

Extremely trendy jeans. ( Levi's are generally the brand of choice, although I've seen some Lees around too).

Fancy polished shoe boots (sometimes unpolished for a more authentic, pretentious look). Occasionally from Prada

He looked a little more olive-y tan, a bit more slender, even his nose looked straighter. . . wait a minute. . . that's not him!

Apparently many a male European news journalist follow the same code of dress and styling. . . trendy jeans, nice pinstripe blazer, shoe boots and sandy overly styled hair.

So, if I wanted to get myself a new quiche eating, scarf wearing man, all I would have to do is hang out near news bureaus in Europe. Easy!

As I was having these very deep thoughts, I must have been staring off blankly in the direction of Mr. Heartbreak Doppelganger. Mr. Heartbreak Doppelganger (who happened to be German and not French) gave me that certain look of skirt chasing approval and a flirty smile. I hissed at him and threw my hand in his direction in a dismissive manner. Keepin' it classy.

For the upcoming election, I am booked solid for the week (blogging will be sparse). And I shall be elbows deep in journalists. Here we go. . .

Monday, October 27, 2008

Opus 17 - Dustin O'Halloran (from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack)

As much as I love the coincidences which regularly occur in my daily life, I'm also a fan of the extremes. One day I'm grooving to Howard's marching band rendition of Estelle's "American Boy" and the next day, I'm dancing a jig on the table at the Maryland Renaissance Festival . Sweet jesus, am I ever a dork. At the Renaissance Festival you. . .

. . . look at all the purty ladies and realize that if you lived during that time period, you probably would have been a courtesan and you might have liked it. . .

. . . eat it fried. . . everything. . .

. . . march out with the band at sunset.

In the middle of my sundown jig, a man tugged on the sleeve of my jacket. I looked down.

"So, we're both black, huh? Not too many of us, around here".

I smiled, nodded and resumed my jig. Dorks come in every colour, shape and size, kind sir.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brothers - Les Rhymes Digital

I was not the athletic, outgoing type in high school or college. In high school, I was on the gymnastic team and played the valuable role of the team bench warmer. In college, I buried my head in my books and tried not to make eye contact with my fellow students. But perhaps if I had gone to Howard, perhaps things would be different. Perhaps, I would have auditioned to be an Ooh La La Girl. Simply, because it looks like fun. "Oooooh la laaaa!"

Last week I had the pleasure of working as an audio assistant (A2) at Howard's Homecoming. While it was a long weekend of work (I told you I had been busy), it was also filled with ample opportunities for photo opportunities. Howard Homecoming's are like none other, complete with half time show, celebs and who can forget their AMAZING marching band? Here's Terrence Howard dressed like a member of the band and probably feeling remarkably foolish.

The entire student body comes out in their finest wear and I now believe Howard University might just be the most trendiest campus I've ever visited on the East coast. Those kids need a fashion blog of their own because they're on top of it.

These two made me smile, they were so colourful. Clearly best friends, standing together, huddled in the cold.

This little dude, always wears nice scarves and soft sweaters with cords. He was one of my most favourite people to make chit chat with. In regards to denim was both say "in eBay, we trust".

Random? Yes. Awesome? That too.

This guy actually flagged me down and demanded that I take his picture. So, I did. He looked nice and I probably would have asked. Than he wanted me to take a picture with him on his camera. And I ran away.

A classic look, that's always a little fresh. Blazer with jeans.

I liked his cardi. It was bought at Banana Republic on sale.

And. . . you know you're cool when you can make a blanket look stylish. Rock on student body of Howard!

Dayvan Cowbow - Boards of Canada

I love happy coincidences in life. I was up in New York last week for a job (that explains my absence around here. . . apologies) and since I've been home, I've been catching up on all the important things I left behind. Which includes watching this week's episode of that flaming ball of hot drama mess known as America's Next Top Model. I love that crap. If you were within a mile of me, at the two minutes and 12 second mark, you might have heard me drop my knitting needles and gasped, "Holyshit! I recognize that man". But where oh where have I seen him before?

Ah ha. Here we are. Frank Ockenfels III was the photographer who captured Obama for Men's Health magazine November cover, which took place on the other side of the room while our shoot was taking place. I guess he always wears white. (Shrugs shoulders). It suites him. You never know who you're going to meet, so it's just best to treat everyone with kindness and respect. I chatted briefly with him and Dave Zinczenko (who is a very sharp dresser) about the craziness of presidential candidate schedules. They had twelve minutes with the Senator and shot 72 frames. . . we had two minutes and only got one take. I also admired Mr. Ockenfels cool (read: expensive) camera and equipment. Ah dreams.

When I finished up my shoot in New York, I was strolling down Eighth Avenue after having left Comme Des Garcons and I nearly collided with Fatima from Cycle 10 of ANTM. She looked mad as hell.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Suddenly, I got hit with a strange dose of sadness tonight. Even when everything is so happy, sometimes that raincloud looms in the distance waiting to rain. And now I'm listening to this cd Peas made me and the Phil Collins is making want to cry. Oh Peeeeeeas , this song kills me! (Worse than "One More Night" and "Another Day In Paradise"). So take a look at me now. . .

(Postcard from Eden and Eden ).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oil of Angels - Cocteau Twins

Welcome to the world little Margaux. Your Aunties in Virginia love you and they've never met you.

(I think babies are cutest when dressed like warm, snuggly inmates. Jumper, La Garconne )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bird of a Feather - Herbert

Birds of a feather, shop together.

Three little ladies bought three leather bags (thrift) but can you guess which leather bag belongs to which little lady? Now say that five times fast.

Thrift adventures with Peas , my Mum and I.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breaking It Down - Petalpushers

Dear American Apparel,

As much as I resisted you in the beginning I have to admit, I am such a sucker for your tri-blend heather grey shirts. They are the best! But I am confused as to why you think it is totally necessary to try and sell oxford shirts to the masses, at the inflated price of $54! I know you are an ethical company, but something about this price, smells of total mark up to me. Plus, the smart consumer could easily go to Salvation Army (as I did) and buy a nice blue oxford for $2.99 (they are in abundance there, ALL THE TIME). As for the "slim, modern fit", I like to call it "buying a child's size". Not hating, just saying.



(Photos: American Apparel )

This World - Zero 7

This is the most simple lesson you can learn in life. Once you stop dreaming of riches and realize that living comfortably is a major accomplishment. . . life is almost instantaneously better. It's like someone flips a switch and suddenly your life is filled with light.

But when it feels nice to pretend, I call on the service of the Ritz Carlton . I'm now back in town. Blogging with resume as always. xoxo.

(Postcard: Post Secret )

Friday, October 10, 2008

Street Wheels - Land of Talk

Although I certainly don't look for approval from most people, I have to say when my god sisters Sam and Sarah give me their nod of approval, I beam with pride. Sam calls me to talk about shoes. When I told her that I recently bought some checkered vans in teal and grey, she squealed, "Oh those are so cool!"

While this is my first pair (Nordstrom Rack, $20), I have to say, I'm sold for life. They are comfortable and look good with a variety of outfits.

She was all too excited to tell me that she just got the very same brown pair from Target that I own.

(Photo: Garance Dore

Thursday, October 9, 2008

These Things Take Time - The Smiths

When K. Line tagged me with this, I had to stew on it for a couple days before I could come up with some quirks you guys didn't know. I share quite a lot on this blog.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they've been tagged
6. You can now display this charming dalek image i created when tagged!


1. I can't eat lunch or dinner if I haven't had my breakfast. I hate the smell of dinner foods cooking in the morning. Drives me nuts.

2. Despite living abroad twice and traveling much of my life, I hate flying.

3. When I decide to take my writing serious, I will go out and buy a typewriter to write on. Yes, I am that pretentious.

4. I have a old school Gameboy and a Sega Gamegear. I still enjoy playing both.

5. I use to find a four leaf clover once a week. Now I never find any.

6. I love and cherish rainy days.

Hey Peas , Chubbs , Annie , Ariel , Daiane and Ambika . . . .your turn!

Jump In The Pool - Friendly Fires

During fashion week, I most look forward to seeing whatever the fashion editors are wearing. I mean, let's be honest. . . you and I probably can't afford most of what the models are sporting on the run way. . . so we look to the editors for creative and innovative ways to wear what's stylish.

The first time I saw Kate Lanphear strolling through Soho and I stood there, mouth agape. Something about her was just so striking and magnetic. What I like most is that she stays true to her favourite style aesthetics without ever looking stale. Black, black, neutral, tailored. Plus, I think you could mimic her style with some carefully selected thrift. Sure your pieces probably might not be as streamlined and polished, but it's all about the attitude you choose, when you wear them.

The other girl is apparently Tatitana from Russian Tatler and I love the way she wears leggings with a simple black coat plus high tops. Be still my beating heart.

I was reading this article about the pressures of looking front row worthy, over the weekend. I believe much of it depends on how comfortable you are in your own skin.

(Photos: The Sartorialist , Garance Dore and Jak and Jil )

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild Combination - Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell's music has always been this amazing mystery to me. Only a short time ago, finding information about him wasn't the easiest task. As was finding his music. I became a little obsessed about five years ago and began to hunt down his songs as if they were treasures trapped at the bottom of the sea. They are treasures to me (and many others might agree). Sometimes when something is so good, sweet and rare, you almost don't mind that it's a mystery. So when I see this documentary , I expect to cry a little bit. Because my favourite mystery, won't be such a mystery anymore.

(For Sofie , whom I always think about whenever I hear this song).

Orgone (Live) - Miles Davis & Quincy Jones

My friend Monica is a pillar of practicality. She buys shoes and clothes on a need basis and every house item which she purchases, I marvel at. As the colder weather leers nearer, I realize that every time I seem to leave my house, I always have something warm in my hands (usually tea). It helps me to come alive. Something about running through the streets with a coffee cup in my hand, reminds me of happy busy times (when I can afford to buy coffee/tea). This would be a good addition to my other mugs.


Every year I buy cool calendars and every year I neglect to use my cool calendars. . . but it doesn't stop me from buying them. I don't even know where I would put this Stendig calendar . I have no room on my walls. I have no office. The kitchen would be cool. . .

(Photos: Amazon and La Garconne )

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Like It Like This - The Radio Dept.

Peas sent me this amazing article about hipsters. It's causing quite a stir on the internet.

I was explaining to someone recently that if I had to pick between a party flooded with hipsters and a party flooded with drunken, sports bar types. . . I'd pick the latter. The word "hipster" has this negative connotation surrounding it which relates to the epitome of judgemental snottiness which we once reserved for the preppies of the 80's. The sucky people who once shopped at A&F and teased me in high school for liking "crazy electronic music", now shop at Urban Outfitters and line up for Thievery Corporation tickets. WTF?

I think it all comes down to your attitude. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable and enjoying the superficial things in life. However you don't have the right to parade around with your thumb up your derriere looking down your nose at everyone else. Sure, Peas and I love Acne denim, New Order and thrift store raiding. But we also spend a large amount of time laughing at ourselves. We don't go to fun parties, pout the entire time until someone pulls out a camera in which we attempt to look "ironic". And we'll talk to anyone. Even if you're batshit crazy. Double points for trying to sell us pornographic DVDs out of a trash bag. Extra credit for telling us you're going to storm the White House with Jane Fonda.


Sometimes it would seem music snobbery directly correlates to being a hipster. Lemme try and break this down in a way that doesn't sound horribly snotty. I really love music. . . hence my blog titles. I talk music regularly with friends all over the world. I street teamed for Astralwerks when I was a wee youngin'. I really enjoy both Dalston Oxfam and Dazed Digital (not that original, I know) for hearing new sounds. So when someone raves on and on to me about how great the Hot Chip concert is going to be. . . no disrespect to Hot Chip. . . they're still awesome. But would you rant on and on to someone who's really passionate about cooking, urging them to check out this amazing, new place called "Whole Foods Market"? Exactly.

Plus, I don't like packed shows. It's not fun to get trampled by a bunch of drunk jerks. When bands get popular and shows sell out, the asshole ratio rises greatly. So I'll just sit this one out, thanks.

(Even Playmobil has hipsters)


I just started hanging out with this guy. He is my polar opposite. I relish in the fact that he has never set foot in an American Apparel and doesn't spend more time on his hair than I do. He picked me up from the bus stop last week and this was our conversation:

Him - Nice flannel Farmer Joe.
Me- Nice buzz cut, Mr. Marine.
Him - I'm liking the shoes, Pocahontas.
Me- Well I prefer them to those Oakleys you're sporting.

And none of it matters, because we laugh a lot together. That's what matters.

(Photos: Cobra Snake. . . surprised? )